This plugin is designed to prevent all forms of grief.

⚠️ This wiki page is for version or newer, for older versions and 1.8.9 permissions check this page, update if you can since there is no support for older versions. ⚠️

If you want to have a quickstart, there are 2 basic permissions you can give griefprevention.user to your players and griefprevention.admin to your staff. Obviously these permissions are rather rough and if you want a more fine control read all permissions below and assign accordingly.

The recommended permission plugin is LuckPerms


DO NOT give yourself * or griefprevention.* or it will break GP functionality.

Admins should only have griefprevention.admin and griefprevention.user

If you alter any admin permissions while in-game, make sure you run /gpreload as GP caches various permissions for performance gains.


Permission NodeDescription
griefprevention.user.claim.command.abandonAllows to abandon claims
griefprevention.user.claim.command.abandon-allAllows to abandon all claims
griefprevention.user.claim.command.abandon-top-levelAllows to abandon a claim and all its subdivisions
griefprevention.user.claim.command.cuboidAllows to toggle cuboid claims mode
griefprevention.user.claim.command.listAllows to list player claims
griefprevention.user.claim.command.basic-modeAllows to use basic claim shovel mode
griefprevention.user.claim.command.give.bookAllows players to get a manual about claiming
griefprevention.user.claim.command.give.petAllows a player to give away a pet they tamed to get information about others claims to get information about claims a user to use the teleport feature in claiminfo on other claims a user to use the teleport feature in claiminfo
griefprevention.user.claim.command.nameAllows to set a claimname
griefprevention.user.claim.command.farewellAllows to set a claim farewell
griefprevention.user.claim.command.greetingAllows to set a claim greeting
griefprevention.user.claim.command.set-spawnAllows to set claim spawn
griefprevention.user.claim.command.spawnAllows to use claim spawn
griefprevention.user.claim.command.subdivide-modeAllows to use subdivide shovel mode
griefprevention.user.claim.command.transferAllows to transfer own claims to buy claim blocks (needs economy plugin)
griefprevention.user.claim.command.sell-blocksAllows to sell claim blocks (needs economy plugin)
griefprevention.user.claim.command.list-flagsAllows to list claim flags
griefprevention.user.claim.command.ban-itemAllows to ban items in claims
griefprevention.user.claim.command.unban-itemAllows to unban items in claims
griefprevention.user.claim.command.inheritAllows to toggle inheritance from parent claim
griefprevention.user.claim.createAllows to create a basic claim
griefprevention.user.claim.cuboid.basicAllows to create/resize basic claims in 3D mode
griefprevention.user.claim.cuboid.subdivisionAllows to create/resize subdivisions in 3D mode
griefprevention.user.claim.visualizeAllows player to visualize their claims
griefprevention.user.claim.visualize.nearbyAllows player to visualize nearby claims to get information about self to get information about another player


Permission NodeDescription
griefprevention.user.claim.flagAllows player to edit user-claim-flags in their own claim
griefprevention.user.claim.command.flag.baseAllows to use the claimflag command
griefprevention.user.claim.command.flag.debugAllows to toggle claim flag debug mode
griefprevention.user.claim.command.flag.playerAllows to use the claimflag for players command
griefprevention.user.claim.command.flag.groupAllows to use the claimflag for groups command
griefprevention.user.claim.command.flag.resetAllows to use the claimreset command

*If you want your users to edit their claim flags, please make sure you’ve read the Global Config’s section on user claim flags.


Permission NodeDescription
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.adjust-claim-blocksAllows to edit amount of bonus claim blocks
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.admin-modeAllows to use admin claim shovel mode
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.permission-groupAllows to use the claim command for group permissions
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.permission-playerAllows to use the claim command for player permissions
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.delete.baseAllows to use the deleteclaim command
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.delete.basicAllows to delete basic claims
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.delete.adminAllows to delete admin claims
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.delete-claimsAllows to delete all of another player’s claims
griefprevention.admin.command.delete-admin-claimsAllows to delete all admin claims
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.list.adminAllows to list admin claims
griefprevention.admin.command.set-accrued-claim-blocksAllows to edit amount of accrued claim blocks
griefprevention.admin.command.reloadAllows to reload GP
griefprevention.admin.claim.set-admin-flagsAllows to edit flags in an admin claim
griefprevention.admin.claim.list.basicAllows to list all basic claims
griefprevention.admin.claim.flagAllows to edit any flag
griefprevention.admin.flag-defaultsAllows to edit flag defaults
griefprevention.admin.flag-overridesAllows to edit flag overrides
griefprevention.admin.claim.wildernessAllows to edit wilderness claims
griefprevention.admin.claim.manage.optionsAllows to set flags for players and groups
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.ignore.baseAllows to use the ignore claims command
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.ignore.basicAllows to ignore basic claim flags
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.ignore.adminAllows to ignore admin claim flags
griefprevention.admin.claim.command.ignore.wildernessAllows to ignore wilderness claim flags
griefprevention.admin.claim.resize.adminAllows to resize admin claims
griefprevention.admin.claim.resize.admin.subdivisionAllows to resize admin claim subdivisions
griefprevention.admin.claim.resize.basicAllows to resize basic claims
griefprevention.admin.claim.resize.basic.subdivisionAllows to resize basic claim subdivisions
griefprevention.admin.claim.override.limitAllows to ignore claim block limit


Permission NodeDescription to ignore players to unignore players to list ignored players to seperate players to unseperate players to softmute players can’t be ignored isn’t affected by spam filter can see softmuted messages


Permission NodeDescription
griefprevention.user.command.helpAllows to you the view the help


Permission NodeDescription to add accessors to add containers to add builders to add managers to list trusted players to untrust players