This plugin is designed to prevent all forms of grief.


Flags allow for very specific control of actions by Players or Groups both inside and outside of claims. Default Flags can be overridden or per claim specific Flags can be used. Using /cf Provides you a UI to edit the default flags for the claim you are in.




<mandatory> [optional]

<flag>The action or event to manage flag
[source]What triggers the flag ie. minecraft:player, these can be skipped if no source will be used
<target>What is to be affected by the action ie. minecraft:dirt. Use any or modid:any as wildcard. Note: If you specify a source you cannot use any and a modid MUST be specified.
<value>Whether to allow, deny or remove the flag false|undefined|true, instead of undefined you can use 0
[context]Optional current options:override will apply it to all claims of that typeNote: Using override in wilderness will apply to ALL claim types.default will set as default for type you’re standing in so all newly created claims will get that flag
[reason]Optional argument that is only accept in Wilderness when using override context. This allows you to set a deny reason that will be sent to a player.



Aliases: cfd

Toggles claim flag debug mode

/claimflag [<flag> [<source>] <target> <value> [context] [reason]]

Aliases: cf

Edits flags, can apply to claim types or specific claims.

Note: reason is only supported in Wilderness claim when using override context to ban usage in ALL claim types.

/claimflaggroup <group> [<flag> [<source>] <target> <value>]

Aliases: cfg

Edits flags that apply to a group.

/claimflagplayer <player> [<flag> [<source>] <target> <value>]

Aliases: cfp

Edits flags that apply to a player.


Aliases: cfr

Resets a claim to flag defaults, the defaults can be edited in the configs.

Usage Examples

Flags can be applied to Players, Groups with or without a specific claim context. They can also be applied to all Basic|Wilderness|Admin Claims directly. More examples can be found in-game, just run /cf and hover over the different flags!

Example 1

To prevent any source from breaking lime wool blocks, in the claim you are standing in.
/cf block-break minecraft:wool.5 false

Specifying no modid will always default to minecraft. The format for blocks is modid:blockid.meta, if meta sn’t specified 0 is used.

Example 2

To allow Pixelmon Pokeballs to interact with any blocks in all basic claims, has to be run while standing in a basic claim.

/cf projectile-impact-block pixelmon:occupiedpokeball any true override

Example 3

To prevent only players from using portals that are in the group “Jailed” in all admin claims. Has to execute while standing in an admin claim.

/cfg Jailed portal-use minecraft:player any false override

Example 4

To prevent a player called “notch” from rightlicking any bed, in the chunk you are standing in.

/cfp notch interact-block-secondary minecraft:bed false

Example 5

To prevent pixelmon’s command ‘/shop select’ from being run, in the chunk you are standing in.

/cf command-execute pixelmon:shop[select] false

Example 6

To prevent a specific item to be right-clicked on an entity.

/cf interact-entity-secondary item_id entity_id value [override]

Note: Use interact-entity-primary for left-click

Example 7

To prevent a specific item to be right-clicked on a block.

/cf interact-block-secondary item_id block_id value [override]

Note: Use interact-block-primary for left-click

Available Flags

All Info provided inside () will be one of the examples.

The most current list will always be available here.

  • block-break - Use to manage block breaking (Allowing to break a Dirt Block)
  • block-place - Use to manage block placing (Allowing to place a Dirt Block)
  • command-execute - Use to manage execution of commands (Doing /msg inside claim)
  • command-execute-pvp - Use to manage execution of commands during PvP combat (Being able to /tp when in PvP)
  • enter-claim - Use to manage entering claims (Not Allowing a Random Player to walk into the Claim)
  • collide-block - Use to manage collisions with blocks (Colliding with Bricks)
  • collide-entity - Use to manage collisions with entities (Colliding with a Pixelmon)
  • entity-damage1 - Use to manage damage taken by entities (A Zombie hurting Random Player)
  • entity-riding1 - Use to manage riding of entities (Riding Horses,Pixelmon,Boats,etc)
  • entity-spawn1 - Use to manage entity spawning (This includes any spawn into the world including chunk spawns.)
  • entity-teleport-from1 - Use to manage entity teleporting from claim (An Enderman teleporting from inside the claim)
  • entity-teleport-to1 - Use to manage entity teleporting inside claim (An Enderman teleporting to inside the claim)
  • exit-claim - Use to manage exiting claims (Not allowing Random Player to walk out of claim)
  • explosion - Use to manage explosions (TNT Exploding anywhere)
  • explosion-surface - Use to manage on or above the surface (TNT on Surface or Air)
  • fire-spread - Use to manage fire spreading (Fire spreading through wood)
  • interact-block-primary - Use to manage left-click interaction with blocks (Hitting a Dragon Egg)
  • interact-block-secondary - Use to manage right-click interaction with blocks (Opening a Pixelmon PC)
  • interact-entity-primary1 - Use to manage left-click interaction with entities (Hitting a Chicken to deal damage)
  • interact-entity-secondary1 - Use to manage right-click interaction with entities (Feeding seeds to Chicken)
  • interact-inventory - Use to manage interaction with inventories (Being able to open Chest)
  • interact-item-primary - Use to manage left-click interaction with items ()
  • interact-item-secondary - Use to manage right-click interaction with items ()
  • item-drop - Use to manage Players dropping items (Random Player not being able to drop a dirt block)
  • item-pickup - Use to manage picking up dropped items (Random Player not being to pick up a dropped dirt block)
  • item-spawn - Use to manage spawning of items from blocks or items in the world (Like Pixelmon Gift Box)
  • item-use - Use to manage use of items (Random player using potions|Ender pearls|Exp all)
  • liquid-flow - Use to manage liquid flow (Control the flow of water or lava flow)
  • portal-use - Use to manage use portals (Control the use of Nether portals)
  • projectile-impact-block - Use to manage a projectile hitting a block (When an arrow hits a dirt block)
  • projectile-impact-entity1 - Use to manage a projectile hitting a entity (When an arrow hits a Pixelmon|Mobs)


1 Entity type (modid:monster|aquatic|ambient|animal) may also be used to target all entities of that type from a specific mod.