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SmoofyDungeon is an advanced world generator which generates an infinite complex dungeon with a lot of monsters, structures and treasures! This plugin is a full rewrite of his bukkit equivalent by timvisee but has been greatly optimized and improved to increase performances and support new additions. Currently, this plugin add 7 underground layers of dungeon for a total of 28 rooms per chunk. Some rooms contains treasures or structures and some others contains monsters. Sometimes it’s easy to survive but if you go deeper the difficulty will increase and some rooms are just insane. Can you survive ? How longer will you survive ? Try by yourself or with your friends!


Screenshots can be found for each populator on this page: Populators.


To create a new dungeon world you must have a world manager plugin installed on your server. SmoofyDungeon has been tested with ProjectWorld and Nucleus. While creating your world you must add the following modifier to the world: smoofydungeon:default. For exemple, with ProjectWorld or Nucleus you must type the following command: /world create theNameOfMyDungeon -m smoofydungeon:default.


SmoofyDungeon generates a configuration for each world loaded with the following modifier: smoofydungeon:default. These configurations might be modified to enable or disable specific populators or change the number of layers. Configuration files can be found in the config/smoofydungeon/worlds/ folder, the structure of a file is pretty simple but for more information, open this page: Configuration.

If you want to edit a configuration before creating the corresponding world you can use this command: /smoofydungeonconfig help or /sdcfg help.


In Minecraft, a populator is an algorithm used to add structures, decorations, entities, etc.. during the generation of a world. SmoofyDungeon add many populators which can be enabled or disabled per world to customize the generation. For more information about these populators and what they are doing, open this page: Populators.


SmoofyDungeon automatically connects to the Ore repository to check for updates. By default, the console and all players having the permission smoofydungeon.update.notify will be notified when an update is available but it can be disabled by editing the following configuration file: config/smoofydungeon/global.conf.

Statistics (removed in 1.2.4)

SmoofyDungeon can use bStats to collect anonymous statistics, this is disabled by default (since version 1.2.0) but it can be enabled by editing the following file: config/sponge/global.conf. Here is a list of all currently tracked informations:

  • The count of servers using my plugin
  • The count of players on these servers
  • Online mode
  • Minecraft version
  • Plugin version
  • Core count
  • System arch
  • Operating system
  • Server country
  • Java version

Todo list

  • Add new populators
  • Make things more configurable

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Published on Mar 16, 2018


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Licensed under MIT