Nucleus released this version on Sep 6, 2017

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Nucleus 1.1.2 for Minecraft 1.11.2

For the version for Minecraft 1.10.2, click here.

For the experimental version for Minecraft 1.12, click here.

This is a LTS release for Minecraft 1.10.2 and 1.11.2.

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/MC2mAuS

Important Changes & Notices

Are you upgrading from Nucleus 0.x? Upgrade to 1.0.1 first.

Nucleus 1.1 removes a lot of old migration code that has been in the codebase since the very early days. 1.0.1 is the last version that contains this migration code, anyone updating directly from 0.x to 1.1 may not get a smooth migration.

New Features

New aliases for /time set and /warp set: /settime and /setwarp

Not really much more to say than that, but now you won’t have to worry about getting that command wrong all the time!

As a related note, if a small change like this will help you with using the plugin, please tell us. This plugin is for the community!

New commands for kits: /kit info and /kit view

Server admins can now view at a glance info about kits by running /kit info [kit]. Servers can also give the /kit view command to players, which will allow them to look at a kit without redeeming it.

Prevent players from accessing no-go worlds with world access permissions!

@Mohron has added per-world access permissions. By setting world.separate-permissions in main.conf to true, server owners can prevent players from warping to certain worlds by denying the permission nucleus.worlds.[worldname].

Added a way to prevent homes being used/modified if too many are set.

There was an exploit where if a player’s home count was reduced, the player could still overwrite homes and keep the higher number. By default, in this scenario now, Nucleus will not allow players with too many homes from modifying and warping to homes until some are deleted, but for the scenario that servers might want to keep this behaviour, there is a new option in main.conf, homes.prevent-home-count-overhang - set this to false to retain the existing behaviour.

Developers - API updates

Repository: ‘http://repo.drnaylor.co.uk/artifactory/list/minecraft’. Dependency (1.10.2): ‘io.github.nucleuspowered:nucleus-api:1.1.2-LTS-S5.1’ Dependency (1.11.2): ‘io.github.nucleuspowered:nucleus-api:1.1.2-LTS-S6.0’

Addition of NucleusInvulnerabilityService

Developers can now inspect and change a player’s invulnerability status (often referred to as “god mode”)

Large update to the Kit service

Kits now contain the name of the kit, and back end changes now affect how kits should be saved. Existing integrations will still work, but note that there are a fair few deprecations. Such methods will be removed in Nucleus 2.0, when that comes to be.

Minor Changes & Enhancements

  • The Kits subsystem has been improved
  • Added configurable /unstuck radius and height


  • Fix world import sometimes appearing to exist, but then pointing to an existing world
  • Fix players not spawning on the centre of a block when logging in with the relavent options set
  • Fix ClassCastException in some cases when using /tp
  • Unset the spectatee when setting a player’s location.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, an incorrect custom prefix might be selected. Nucleus uses whatever the permission plugin hands back, check your inheritance with the permissions plugin.