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Nucleus is quite simply it - the Essentials-like plugin your server has been crying out for!

Nucleus is everything you want from, and love about, essentials plugins and more. The original modular Essentials like plugin for Sponge is now available from right here on Ore!

If you’re coming over from Bukkit/Spigot, and looking to fill that big hole Essentials left, or you’re startng afresh, Nucleus gives you that rock solid base that does all the boring stuff that no-one wants to configure, so you can get on with making your server unique!

Please note, if you are using Nucleus version 1.6.3-S7.1 or below, then Nucleus is capable of downloading GeoIP databases from Maxmind ( This is on an OPT-IN basis by enabling the GeoIP module (which is disabled by default) and accepting the licence. No data, including IP address and locations, is transmitted by this plugin.

Nucleus 1.7.0-S7.1 and above do not have a GeoIP module and therefore do not download the GeoIP databases.

Extremely simple. Highly configurable.

Nucleus is designed to be installed and used with minimal fuss. Install it, grant permissions, get on with your server. It’s that easy!

Just because Nucleus can be simple, doesn’t mean it’s “one size fits all”! Don’t want warp functionality? Turn it off! Want to charge for a command? Done. Warmups and cooldowns? Wait for it…

Nucleus’ breakthrough modular system allows you to make Nucleus your own. No two installations of Nucleus need be the same. With Nucleus, you control everything - but only if you want to!

And if you need that little bit of help, Nucleus has extensive documentation and a community that just loves to help on Discord.

Developing a plugin? We’ve got your back!

Making a plugin that might make use of Nucleus? We’ve got you covered too! Want to use a few warps? Get them from Nucleus’s warp service. Want to set a player home? We can do that too. Want to jail someone who breaks the rules of your game? You’ll have those rule-breakers behind bars in no time!

It’s not just about integration! Do you develop a plugin that offers advanced functionality that replaces part of what Nucleus does? You can request to turn off parts of the plugin! No more command conflicts, Nucleus can adapt to a server without the server owners batting an eyelid!

You can get our API from Gradle - see the latest version’s release notes for details!

Created for you. Open for all.

We’re open ears here! Found a bug? Something not quite right? Or do you have an idea that would fit in with Nucleus? Let us know on our GitHub issues page!. Just want to thrash out an idea? Come talk to us on Discord - we have a passion for making Nucleus and the Sponge ecosystem system better!

Are you a developer who wants to help out! Send us a pull request! We’d love to have you on board!

Nucleus is open source and licenced under the MIT licence. That means you can grab the code, tinker with it, and hopefully improve it!

We can be found over on GitHub!

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Published on Jan 10, 2017




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