Handles the extra parts of minigames use such as lobbies and maps

Minigame Loader

A remake of this is inbound for api 8

What is it?

Minigame loader is a plugin which gives developers the ability to focus on developing the real minigame they wish to create and not need to bother with other necessities such as lobbies. Minigame Loader also provides a lot of interfaces for developers in assist of creating the desired minigame such as Team Splitters.

So its just for developers?

Short answer, no. In addition of assisting the development it also provides a few features that even server admins can befit from, such as the ability to create your own custom maps that would fully work with even custom gamemodes, the ability to run multiple minigames at once in the same world, the ability to have private lobbies (aka invite only) and many more.

So minigames that are compatible with Minigame Loader?

Current there is not a list as the minigames are coming a little later.


Please note that some minigame plugins may affect the MapMaker commands to suit the needs of the plugin in question however here are the normal commands. Please also note that there are more coming later

| /Lobby create <public/private> | Creates a public or private lobby | | /Lobby vote gamemode | Vote for a gamemode in a public lobby | | /Lobby vote map | Vote for a map in a public lobby | | /MapMaker create Player | Creates a mapmaker environment designed for the gamemode specified for the player in question | | /MapMaker register ? | This command is up to gamemode plugins. It will register the prop in question. an example of this is below | | /MapMaker register userspawn player | This will register a players spawn point to the map | | /MapMaker leave player | This will make the targetted player leave the minigame map creator | | /Minigame leave player | This will make the targetted player leave the minigame | | /Minigame invites player | This will show you all the invites the targetted player has | | /Minigame invite as player | This will send a player a invite from the player to join in question | | /Minigame join as player | This will make the player joining, join the targetted player if they have a invite |


There are more permissions coming

| minigame.cmd.mapmaker.register.spawn.user | | | minigame.cmd.mapmaker.createmap | | | minigame.cmd.lobby.create.public | | | minigame.cmd.lobby.create.private | | | minigame.cmd.lobby.vote.map | | | minigame.cmd.lobby.vote.gamemode | | | minigame.cmd.minigame.invite | | | minigame.cmd.minigame.invite.override | | | minigame.cmd.minigame.join | | | minigame.cmd.minigame.invites | |

Getting into development

Currently only one minigame is active as MinigameLoader is not done. When Minigame Loader is finished there will be a lot more to choose from

Whats needed to be developed

  •  Out of bounds handlers need to be implemented
  •  More out of bounds handlers
  •  More Team splitters
  •  MapBuilder interface needs progress functions
  •  Handler for if all players in a minigame leave the server without leaving the minigame
  •  Ability to save PlayerSnapshot for if the player leaves the server without leaving the minigame
  •  Ability to restore the PlayerSnapshot after a player leaves the server and then rejoins
    •  while the minigame in still in play
    •  After the minigame has ended
  •  Handle highscores
  •  Ability to save custom made maps
  •  Add LobbyCreatedEvent
  •  Add LobbyStartedGameEvent
  •  Add GameEndedEvent
  •  Add PlayerOutOfBoundsEvent
  •  Add PlayerJoinGameEvent
  •  Add PlayerLeaveGameEvent
  •  Add PlayerVoteMapEvent
  •  Add PlayerVoteGamemodeEvent
  •  Add ScoreChangedEvent

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Published on Sep 19, 2018




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