WarCraft MC

WarCraft:Minecraft is the attempt to recreate something like WarCraft:Source / WarCraft:GO in Minecraft

All races are completely made up by the races.conf that defines the skills, perks and everything else.
Take a look at the example race or wiki pages to see how it works.

Command Summary

/racelist - Show a list with all races
/raceinfo <race> - Show more information about a race, reachable from /racelist
/racemenu - Spend skill points on your current race
/changerace <race> - Change your race, reachable from /racelist
/spendskill <skill> - Spend a skill point on the nth skill of your race, reachable from /racemenu
/ability1 - Use race ability 1
/ability2 - Use race ability 2
/ability3 - Use race ability 3
/ultimate - Use the race ultimate
/wcadmin <player> give [race] (xp|level) <amount> - give a player xp or level in the current or specified race
/wcadmin <player> reset <race> - reset a players race progress
/wcadmin <player> force <race> - force change a players race

Permission Summary

wc.race.list - allow /racelist, /raceinfo
wc.race.change - allow /changerace, /spendskill
wc.race.menu - allow /racemenu
wc.race.ability1 - allow /ability1
wc.race.ability2 - allow /ability2
wc.race.ability3 - allow /ability3
wc.race.ultimate - allow /ultimate
wc.admin - allow /wcadmin


External Connections

Version Checker
This plugin uses a version checker to notify you about available updates.
This updater is disabled by default and can be enabled in config/dosmike_warcraft/versionchecker.conf by setting the value enabled to true.
If enabled it will asynchronously check (once per server start) if the Ore repository has any updates.
This will only print update notes into the server log, no files are being downlaoded!

This plugin requires Mike’s ToolBox

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Published on Dec 2, 2018




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