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WarCraft MC

WarCraft:Minecraft is the attempt to recreate something like WarCraft:Source / WarCraft:GO in Minecraft

All races are completely made up by the races.conf that defines the skills, perks and everything else.
Take a look at the example race or wiki pages to see how it works.

Command Summary

/racelist - Show a list with all races
/raceinfo <race> - Show more information about a race, reachable from /racelist
/racemenu - Spend skill points on your current race
/changerace <race> - Change your race, reachable from /racelist
/spendskill <skill> - Spend a skill point on the nth skill of your race, reachable from /racemenu
/ability1 - Use race ability 1
/ability2 - Use race ability 2
/ability3 - Use race ability 3
/ultimate - Use the race ultimate

Permission Summary

wc.race.list - allow /racelist, /raceinfo
wc.race.change - allow /changerace, /spendskill - allow /racemenu
wc.race.ability1 - allow /ability1
wc.race.ability2 - allow /ability2
wc.race.ability3 - allow /ability3
wc.race.ultimate - allow /ultimate


Trackers & Connections

There are none. Enjoy this plugin in privacy.

This plugin requires Mike’s ToolBox

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Published on Dec 2, 2018


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