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Adding sounds for EventSounds to register

  • Create the asset-folder for your plugins (see Sponge docs for that)
  • Thorw all sounds as .ogg in that folder
  • Create an eventsounds.json within your asset folder.

The eventsounds.json looks like this:

  "soundName": ["fileName.ogg", "fileName.ogg"],
  "soundName": ["fileName.ogg", "fileName.ogg"]

Getting the SoundTypes for these Sounds

Add something like this to your event-listeners:

private static Map<String, SoundType> pluginSounds = new HashMap<>();
public static Optional<SoundType> getSound(String name) {
  return Optional.ofNullable(pluginSounds.get(name));
public void onSoundsCollected(SoundsCollectedEvent event) {
  pluginSounds = SoundCollector.getForPlugin(getContainer()); //pass your PluginContainer here

Now you can access the SoundTypes with the name you’ve choosen in your eventsounds.json like this:

SoundType soundType = ClassFromAbove.getSound("cash").orElse(SoundTypes.ENTITY_EXPERIENCE_ORB_PICKUP);
player.playSound(soundType, player.getLocation().getPosition(), 1.0);

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Published on Dec 14, 2018




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