Add custom sounds to your server!

Included Events: Joinsounds, Chatsounds, Quakesounds Easily add new sounds to your server; without overwriting vanilla sounds and without any knowledge for resource-packs!

The sounds can also be used in /playsound like this:
/playsound es.<EVENT>.<SOUNDNAME> channel player ...

Commands and Permissions

/eventsounds, /es - Reload the resource-pack
Permission: none

/es reload [-b|-u] - Reload the config
Permission: es.command.reload
-b - Rebuild the resource-pack
Permission: es.command.rebuild
-u - Rebuild and upload the resource-pack
Permission: es.command.upload

/soundlist, /chatsounds - List all sounds available in chat
Permission: es.command.soundlist

/stopsound [player] [source] [sound] - Overwrite the vanilla /stopsound to allow no args for self targeting
Permission: minecraft.command.stopsound
player - The target to stop sounds for, can be selector
Permission: minecraft.command.stopsound.player
source - The channel, the sound shall be stop on
Permission: minecraft.command.stopsound.source
sound - The sound that should be stopped
Permission: minecraft.command.stopsound.sound

How to add sounds:

Put them inside a assets/eventsounds/ folder on your server (you have to create that folder). Then add them to the configuration and update your resource-pack (/es reload).

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Published on Dec 14, 2018




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