Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



AuroraLS3 released this version on May 21, 2023

16.3 MB

5.5 build 2391

This is a feature packed update, as it brings support for multiple proxy servers, IP allowlist CIDR and Dynamic DNS support, Fabric 1.19.4, and lots and lots of improvements.

Special thanks to Kopo, WolverStones & inductor for contributions to this update!

Change log

Fabric 1.19.4

  • Kopo updated Fabric support to 1.19.4, older versions are no longer be supported by this version
  • Kopo fixed Gamemode change event not triggering
  • Fixed a dog killing something crashing the server when running older fabric version

Multi proxy support

Plan can now be installed on multiple proxy servers. This is useful for networks that divide their players between multiple proxy servers.

  • You can now name proxy servers with Server.ServerName config option (to distinguish in Performance tab)
  • Server.IP setting is no longer required to be set, since some proxy servers may have their webserver disabled. It’s recommended to have only a single Plan webserver running.
  • If multiple proxy servers have their webserver enabled, the commands that have links link to one of them.
  • If all webservers are disabled, but export is enabled, the commands that have links link to one with export enabled.
  • Network online graph stacks the player online counts of all the proxies if RedisBungee is not used. Non-stacked version can be checked from Performance tab.

Known limitations: Online sessions/status are not synced on multiple proxies

IP Allowlist improvements

  • IP Allowlist now supports a lot more notations for easier use: CIDR, Wildcard, IPv6 with omitted zeros. See comment above the setting for examples.
  • IP Allowlist now supports dynamic DNS addresses. Add “dns:{address}” to the allowlist to have Plan resolve the IP address of the dynamic DNS. This may be useful for those without static IP addresses at home.


  • MySQL databases using incorrect character set are now corrected to use utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_general_ci upon startup. This should prevent some errors from popping up.
  • Fixed join address by day graph error if MySQL strict group by policy is enabled.
  • If Plan detects that two servers are storing data with the same UUID, a warning will be logged to console once every 30 minutes.
    • This usually happens if ServerInfoFile.yml is copied between servers during installation.
    • /plan info command now shows the ServerUUID of the server so that it is easier to debug which server it is
    • The detection looks if previous tps was stored < 30s ago, which suggests two servers are storing data as the same one
  • Add Database.MySQL.Max_Lifetime setting. This setting can be used if database connection keeps timing out


  • Added option to disable registering new users Webserver.Security.Disable_registration (default false)
  • Improvements to network performance tab
    • Added some information why TPS, entities or chunks is not available if only proxy servers are selected
    • Reduced resolution of the data to minutes, so that all servers with data show up in the tooltip when hovering over the graph
    • Fixed server selector not allowing to change servers in some cases
    • Fixed the graph re-rendering when selecting different servers even though the data wasn’t reloaded
    • Added warning if none of the selected servers have sent data over 30 days
  • Improvements to network server list
    • An icon is shown if server hasn’t sent data for some time (Red triangle if no data in last 24h, Grey triangle if no data in last 7d, Grey archive icon if no data in last 30d)
  • /plan server command now gives link to /server/UUID instead of /server/Name
  • Fixed configured theme not applying by default
  • Extension data with colors or links now render properly
  • Fixed the logged in player’s head image not loading on the top right


  • Custom locale files (locale.yml) are now updated with new translation lines whenever server starts
  • WolverStones updated Czech (CS) locale
  • inductor updated Japanese (JA) locale


  • Fixed ExceptionInInitializerError in Extension construction causing Plan to not enable properly
  • Fixed exception related to LibertyBans Extension
  • Fixed exception related to Towny Extension