A cross-platform fork of Votifier, with more robust code and vote forwarding


NuVotifier is a plugin that allows your server to be notified (aka votified) when a vote is made on a Minecraft server top list. NuVotifier is secure, and makes sure that all vote notifications are delivered by authentic top lists.

NuVotifier’s primary features include:

  • Receiving votes, either for a single server or for an entire network
  • When running on a proxy, it is able to forward votes to other servers on the network
  • Backwards compatible (virtually every version from 1.7.2 onwards is supported)

NuVotifier supports a wide variety of server platforms, including:

  • Bukkit & forks, including Spigot, Paper and others
  • Sponge

NuVotifier can also run on these proxies:

  • BungeeCord & forks, including Waterfall and others
  • Velocity

For tighter integration, you can also use NuVotifier as a standalone dependency, acting as a standalone server.

For using the plugin, check out the configuration guide! Running into problems? Check the troubleshooting guide.

External Connections

NuVotifier will listen on a port on your server for vote requests. This feature is enabled by default, with NuVotifier listening on all addresses on port 8192 by default. NuVotifier uses cryptographic techniques to ensure the votes actually come from the server lists you specify but it is ultimately up to you to keep your server’s keys and tokens secret.

For security, NuVotifier can listen on a different address and port by changing the host and port settings in the configuration file, and you can tell NuVotifier to not listen for votes on its own port by setting port: -1 in the plugin’s configuration file.

While NuVotifier can operate without opening its own port, it will only be operational using plugin message-based vote forwarding, with votes sent from a BungeeCord or Velocity proxy.

Other Releases and Development Builds

NuVotifier was recently migrated to Ore as of July 20, 2020 - the first version to be posted on Ore was 2.7.1. There are other releases of NuVotifier.

Please note that none of these releases have been reviewed by Ore staff and thus may not be safe for download. In the case of development builds, new functionality may have only received the most cursory of testing and may also not be safe to be run on anything other than a development server you don’t care about. Please proceed with caution.

Old versions of NuVotifier may be downloaded from GitHub Releases. Development builds may be downloaded from the Velocity CI.

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