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AuroraLS3 released this version on Mar 5, 2023

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5.5 build 2272

This update enables the new React based frontend by default, speeds up loading various parts of the website, and fixes a couple of issues.

If you are using Html Customization, it is now possible to migrate to the new system, see - You can use Plugin.Use_Legacy_Frontend setting until your migrations are complete.

Back up your config in case you need to revert to previous version. Updating should be easy, simply replace the jar.

Change log

React Frontend (Previously called Frontend BETA)

The frontend rewrite is complete, so the new frontend is now enabled by default. Plugin.Use_Legacy_Frontend (default: false) setting still allows using old frontend for a while until it’s completely removed.

Here is a summary of improvements this brings if you have not participated in the Beta:

  • Faster loading time since less data requests are made at once
  • Improved mobile navigation
  • New features
    • Page navigation button for switching between pages
    • Switching language on the frontend
    • Join address tab
    • Visualizer switches for some graphs
    • Average players online data to Performance tabs
    • Interactive ‘?’ help for Activity Index and New Player Retention (These were the two most common questions on how they work)
    • Redesigned Network > Servers tab
  • Easier to maintain and develop further

Changes from previous update:

  • Added a page navigation button that allows moving to different servers and other pages easily. This replaces the ‘Back to main page’ button. You can switch between the same page for two servers (eg. Move from Server 1 > Performance to Server 2 > Performance in one click) image
  • Improved mobile navigation. With the navigation button this should help mobile users a lot.
  • Interactive ‘?’ help for Activity Index and New Player Retention (These were the two most common questions on how they work)
  • Fixed network server list saying “No servers installed” while servers were being loaded.
  • Fixed page translation issues
  • React was updated to version 18
  • Javascript APIs for extending the page programmatically were implemented
  • Fixed join address data breaking the page when visualized as a table
  • Fixed issues of plugin cards overlapping when switching between plugins of two servers on player page

New feature: public_html

A new feature in the webserver allows hosting any web files on the Plan webserver. Please note that any files placed in the public_html folder (/plugins/Plan/public_html by default) can be read by anyone who knows the address to the webserver even if you have login enabled. The folder can be configured with Webserver.Public_html_directory setting.

The main purpose of this feature is to allow Html Customization of the React bundle


  • Implemented HTTP Caching: Browser will now cache some responses and avoid sending unnecessary data if it was already loaded. This can improve page loading times from multiple seconds to milliseconds.
  • Implemented public_html feature that allows hosting custom files from a configurable folder Webserver.Public_html_directory (default /plugins/Plan/public_html). This can be used to host http-challenge file for certbot and other files.


  • PlayerTableRowPatch should no longer be re-applied all the time
  • Optimized server player table query: /server/players now loads much faster. Tested optimization: 4s -> 500ms: 8x improvement
  • Optimized server latest join addresses query: /sever/join_addresses now loads much faster. Tested optimization: 19s -> 150ms: 120x improvement
  • Optimized /v1/network/servers endpoint, got a 66% speed increase, so Servers tab on network page should load faster.


  • Unregister placeholder extension when Plan disables: this possibly fixes an issue where PlaceholderAPI would log errors when Plan disabled before PlaceholderAPI.