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AuroraLS3 released this version on Dec 2, 2022

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5.5 build 2100 - 6 years of Plan!

This release contains a lot of things. Frontend BETA enters next phase since all pages have been rewritten in React, next steps are export and html customization implementation for it. This update also contains data gathering fixes, additions, new placeholders along with other bugfixes.

Today also marks 6th year of Plan development! As is customary at this point there’s a Year in Review -post after the change log.

Special thanks to Vankka, angela0930 for contributions to this update

Change log

Data Gathering

  • Removed data after null-byte in Join Address data. Bungeecord and Velocity use the handshake-packet to forward UUID and IP information of players, and since the join address comes from handshake packet, that data ended up in the join addresses Plan gathered. Forge Mod Loader forwards its version information in the same handshake packet in similar fashion. Discarding data after the null-byte should resolve any issues.

Frontend BETA

  • Names of new players are now shown in Light Green in PvP tables when they are the player who was killed within 24h of their first join. This is to help find players who kill newer players.
  • /query page has been rewritten in React.
  • /register page has been rewritten in React
  • Fixed plugin cards overlapping when moving to different page on a table
  • Fixed /network/… redirecting to /network
  • Fixed colors of buttons when hovering mouse on them

I’m excited, the frontend part of rewrite is complete and I can move to implementing export and html customization for the new frontend.


  • Experimental version of export for React version is now enabled if Frontend BETA and Export are both enabled. This will place index.html at the root of the export directory along with all the react files. I have not yet been able to test it properly, so it might be completely unusable. Just throwing it out there.

DataExtension API: Component API by Vankka

If your plugin’s data contains chat colors or mini-message information, that information can now be included so that it will eventually show up on the website. Check documentation for the new API here


  • Vankka fixed error that occurred when deleting LuckPerms groups
  • Vankka fixed LuckPerms not showing colors properly on the website


Added new placeholders

  • %plan_time_active_{day/week/month}%
  • %plan_time_active_{day/week/month}_raw%
  • %plan_top_player_kills_{day/week/month/total}_{n}%


  • angela0930 updated ZH_TW locale


  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException related to world aliases
  • Fixed some queries erroring in Strict group by mode for MySQL
  • Fixed Ore not showing Plan sponge version
  • Fixed removal of cookies that expired while server was offline
  • Fixed RemoveUsernameFromAccessLogPatch applying every time
  • Changed “Database can’t keep up with transactions” to less dire message
  • Fixed SQLITE_CONSTRAINT_NOTNULL when request uri is null

Year in review: Year 6

This year has been a lot different from the previous five, since there has been a lot more things going on in my personal life. Last year I got a job, and in January I started writing my Master’s thesis. It was very tough balancing all that on top of developing Plan on the side. I had to take some months off development entirely with a hiatus in the summer and fall to finish up the thesis. In September I returned the thesis for review and I’m happy to now have graduated! Things definitely calmed down after finishing up the thesis and resuming Plan development after the hiatus.

The running theme this year has been steady and stable changes. Inspired by the answers to last year’s poll, the goals for this year were to improve the loading speed of the website, as well as visualizing more of the gathered data.

There’s been a lot of work done this year towards those goals. The database schema was changed drastically, the webserver was changed to Jetty, and Frontend BETA is rewriting the code running in browser to React. Alone each change brings small improvements, but together they improve things a lot. I’m very excited for the future, since the React frontend speeds up development of new things considerably thanks to environment where changes can be seen instantly. Previously I would have had to compile Plan and restart the test server – It takes 1 second vs 3 minutes it used to take to see changes now.

Main goals for 2023 is to get the new frontend out of Beta after feature parity with previous frontend is reached (Export and Html Customization still to go), and after that it’ll be time to tackle a lot of tickets with ’Visualization’ tag. A lot of the ongoing work has been done to make the future changes easier to do, which should speed up feature additions in the upcoming year.

I’m very happy that all the automation created in the past years is now finally paying off, helping keep confidence in that everything works as intended when changing something. I love that it’s now possible to deliver development builds fast, even within the same hour when someone is asking for help.

Special thanks to Github sponsors, donators, discord moderators, support, and contributors this year! Extra special thanks to Kopo & Vankka for their constant input into the project.

This year in numbers

  • From build 1516 to build 2100: 584 commits released as updates
  • From #43 to #20 in top plugins by rating – and keeping the #8 spot in top spigot plugins by rating.
  • Installations has stayed stable at over 4000 servers
  • From 59k lines of code to 64k (not counting extensions or web code)
  • From 51.3% test coverage to 57.4%
  • 194 issues and 32 (+247 dependabot) pull requests closed this year

Have a good one! :)