Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



AuroraLS3 released this version on May 2, 2021

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5.3 build 1284 - Extension Bonanza

This version brings a new builder based API to the DataExtension API and with it support for 13 new plugins. In addition to this a lot of bugs were fixed. At least 35 tickets were closed for this release.

Special thanks to hallo1142, Aurelien30000, BruilsiozPro, WolverStones, BrainStone, Kopo942 and AppleMacOS for their contributions to this update. Thanks y’all!

Change log


New DataExtensions

Added support for 13 plugins:

  • AuthMe
  • FastLogin
  • Heroes
  • KingdomsX
  • Lands
  • LogBlock (Diamonds / stone mined and other metrics)
  • MarriageMaster
  • MyPet
  • PlaceholderAPI (Track any placeholders by adding them to the Plan config)
  • PlotSquared
  • ProtectionStones
  • React (Actions performed by React)
  • Quests

Note that if you’re not seeing data from a plugin, make sure the player has joined the server after the update and check plugins tab of their player page before asking about it, thanks :)

Updates to existing DataExtensions

  • AdvancedBan
    • now records data again [unknown impact]
  • BentoBox
    • now has AOneBlock and MagicCobblestoneGenerator data
  • DKBans
    • Fixed NPE [all builds]
  • Floodgate
    • Fixed UNIQUE constraint violation [all builds]
  • Litebans
    • Added datapoint for player names of players who connected using same IP (No IPs displayed though)
  • Tebex
    • now fetches full purchase history with the paginated API and shows player’s purchases on their pages.
  • ViaVersion
    • Velocity support
  • Tables over 10 rows now show search bar and pagination (Previous limit 50 rows)
  • It is now possible to sort extension tables by value or date when they have over 25 rows (Previously only alphabetical)
  • Optimized transaction that updates tables for dataextensions
    • old: delete all + insert (2n operations)
    • new: overwrite + insert/delete remaining (n operations)

DataExtension Builder API

The thing that made a lot of this possible:

  • Added a builder based API for defining data of other plugins
    • Allows dynamic data definition at runtime (Like that of PlaceholderAPI via configuration).
    • Beneficial for plugins that use one class to hold all their data, as only one fetch is needed.
    • IDEs have better auto-completion support compared to annotations.
  • The annotation based API was refactored to use the builder API in its implementation.


  • Updated SB Admin 2 css to newer version
  • Player links now use UUIDs instead of names to support viewing duplicate names in some cases. Note that names still work in the URL.
  • Added average TPS to “During low tps spikes”
  • Fixed server page calendar not appearing. [builds 1174+]
  • Fixed ‘Plan’ showing as server name on session accordion [builds 1115+]
  • Fixed server page showing join address pie for the whole network [builds 1115+]
  • Kopo942 fixed HighCharts scrollbar not swapping color with Nightmode without refresh [all builds]
  • Fixed /players page player links going to wrong place when using reverse-proxy via /plan/ subdirectory
  • Fixed flickering of extension cards when using Chrome
  • AppleMacOS fixed login page logo being stretched when using Safari
  • Removed “Servers” divider from player page in case to make it clearer that those are also about the player.


  • Deutch locale updated by hallo1142
  • French locale updated by Aurelien30000
  • Turkish locale updated by BruilsiozPro
  • Czech locale updated by WolverStones

Placeholder API

  • BrainStone added a bunch of <placeholder>_raw placeholders that return milliseconds instead of formatted time value
  • BrainStone fixed Plan not supporting OfflinePlayers and Kopo942 fixed an NPE when %plan_(non_existing_placeholder)% was given

Other Bugfixes

  • {Java} Sorted out illegal reflective access warning during dependency loading [builds 1108+]
  • {Join addresses} Stopped using Paper specific method that was returning bad data in some cases [builds 1124+]
  • {Config} Prevented use of &, / and ? in server names.
  • {Export} Fixed exported player pages not loading json. [builds 1056+]
  • {Database} Possibly fixed locking time exceeded and deadlock issues with extension related transactions [all builds]
  • {Operator status} Fixed operator status not being updated during first join [all builds]
  • {Plugin enable} Fixed plugin not enabling when /plugins/Plan folder was a symlink