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AuroraLS3 released this version on Mar 21, 2020

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Page Extension API - Change log 5.1 build 474


Page Extension API

PageExtension API allows adding new pages & script/stylesheet sources to Plan via an API.

The API consists of these services:

  • ResolverService - Allows adding HTTP request resolvers to Plan
  • ResourceService - Allows making web resources (files) customizable by the user

You can find the documentation here:

Change log


  • (Networks) Clean task now takes into account the server the clean task is running for. This is to avoid one server with smaller removal thresholds removing data of other servers.

Data gathering

  • Added a config setting ‘Data_gathering.Disk_space’ default ‘true’, to disable disk space gathering - on some OSes the disk returns free disk space very slowly (10 seconds) leading to lag spikes.
  • Made free disk space use Space available to current user on Unix based OSes instead of Free space on disk, as the former is more important for proper functioning of servers.


  • Webserver now uses the new API for request resolution. This refactoring was done to make sure that the new API was flexible enough to use.

Html Customization changes

The resources now need to be set as customized in the config under ‘Customized_files’ (The section should appear when the pages are viewed after the update). This is because the new API allows non Plan files to be customized. The resource will be placed the file to web/ folder inside the Plan folder when accessed (via the webserver) if the setting is true (false by default). If the file exists already it won’t be overwritten.

If you have an existing customization in place you need to set each customized file to true, otherwise the customized file is not used.


  • Fixed Plan enabling before plugins it depended on, like Litebans. (There was a typo in bungee.yml softdepends -> softDepends)
  • Fixed an issue with class loader on Spigot related to Essentials extension. (Some classes were loaded twice)


  • Fixed an error with player html export when two players joined at the same time

If you have any issues please open a ticket