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AuroraLS3 released this version on Dec 8, 2019

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TimeZones & Nukkit Support

Change log 5.0 build 309


Implemented a better TimeZone setting (#718)

Previous setting only allowed UTC or server timezone. New Setting Formatting.Dates.TimeZone accepts timezone formats like ‘GMT+2’, ‘GMT-05:30’, ‘UTC’ and ‘server’. Time.Use_server_timezone will be removed automatically when Plan enables and the new setting is set to ‘UTC’ or ‘server’ based on the value.

Implemented Nukkit support (#1020)

Plan now runs on Nukkit servers (Bedrock Edition). Unfortunately I could not test everything because I don’t have Bedrock Edition at the moment. Please report any issues you have to


Fixed session save appearing stuck (#1241)

A previously solved issue where Extension transactions took a long time on shutdown was prevented by save of unfinished sessions, leading to execution of all transactions on disable. This made the message “Saving unfinished sessions..” appear stuck. Fixed by removing the wait and allowing unnecessary transactions to be skipped again.

Fixed 1-day delay in Server Calendar with negative GMT Timezones (#1239)

A bug in the date preparation for FullCalendar caused TimeZone offset to be applied twice, moving negative Timezone dates to the previous day. Fixed by removing the offset from the calendar’s date formatter.

Fixed some JSON creation using wrong timezone

During timezone implementation a bug was accidentally discovered. The bug might have caused some wrong groupings in Day by Day graph, but this was not confirmed. Fixed by removing PlanConfig#getTimeZone calls in different constructors.

Fixed /plan register (no arguments) saying no permission instead of not enough arguments.

Added a check against no arguments


Automatic build numbering for Gradle

Modified gradle configuration to automatically determine build number so that the manual step does not break flow. Build command changed from gradle shadowJar to gradle build.

Renamed some files and methods

  • Many Webserver classes with Handler in their name were renamed to Resolver to make things cleared.
  • Use of word Parse was changed to Build, Create, Generate where the word was used incorrectly. ‘parse’ refers to extracting information, while in Plan it was used like the Finnish word ‘parsia’ (to patch together) which was incorrect.