Player Analytics, Sponge/Bukkit/Bungee/Velocity support



AuroraLS3 released this version on Oct 19, 2019

14.5 MB

Change log 5.0 build 249


  • EssentialsX Extension now supports Essentials Economy (Thanks to Vankka)
  • Added GriefDefender Extension by Vankka


  • Removed comment from config over ‘Webserver.Disable_Webserver’ (Outdated)
  • Disabled Webserver no longer prevents Enable on Bungee/Velocity
  • Webserver prints proper error message for BindException
  • JSON request timeout increased: 20s -> 45s (#1185)


  • #1161 Prevented Memory related crash caused by use of CoreProtect API (Disabled CoreProtect Extension for now)
  • #1183 Fixed SQL errors when using H2 (Related to some non-standard SQL)
  • #1181 Fixed SQL error with MySQL related to AVG() function
  • #1191 Fixed page failing to load when Server name had a single quote in it (eg. Ralph’s server)
  • #1195 Possibly fixed exported network page having bad server links
  • #1194 Possibly fixed exported Flaticon_circle.png being set to 0 Bytes on second write
  • Fixed Exception when exporting unregistered player on join
  • #1176 Fixed Exception when updating DKBans data without player UUID
  • #1192 Fixed StringIndexOutOfBounds related to AdvancedBanExtension
  • #1196 Possibly fixed NoSuchMethodError related to NucleusExtension