YYS ScoreBoard

Command & Permission

Main:/yyssb –yysscoreboard.command.yyssb
child:/yyssb on –yysscoreboard.command.on Display the scoreboard
child:/yyssb off –yysscoreboard.command.off Don't display the scoreboard
child:/yyssb use –tab –sb –yysscoreboard.command.use Change using(displaying) scoreboard id
child:/yyssb reload –yysscoreboard.admin.command.reload reload the plugin


  • Display tab & scoreboard with color and placeholder
  • Display number in the tab the same position (health or ping or placeholder that return number)
  • Display information which is mine (set stable = false)
  • Player can use yyssb use <id> to select what to display (if you configured )
  • Tab can add a prefix for only oneself (like a color code?) #oneself is the player who see the tab
  • Tab can add prefix & suffix to all player with placeholder and color
  • Color Code:&
  • Won’t flash


Q: How to disable the tab feature?
A: Remove the block of tab={...} in the file of config.conf

config see https://ore.spongepowered.org/yinyangshi/YYS-ScoreBoard/pages/v0.2.0Config

Author discord: Alone态#8517

Image (with placeholder and self-name-prefix but no color)

(used plugin: NewHonor)

We will collect some data to bstats if you enable metrics:

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Published on Jan 23, 2019




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