If you were sent here from another plugin, simply download this plugin and install it in your mods folder. After the first start of this plugin, you will need to enable the default expansions in the config file to be able to use those placeholders. Example if you want Player placeholders, open the config and set Player to True. Now you can use %player_name% as a placeholder. This same method applies for every built in expansion.

There is a chance that a plugin may update and cause one of the internal placeholder hooks to break. If this happens, please report the issue immediately so we can update the placeholder hook to the latest version of the plugin that broke.


  • No lag
  • Fast updates
  • Easy contribution
  • Robust placeholder replacing with support for TextTemplates and Strings
  • bStats support (You can opt out of this in the /config/bStats/config.conf file if you want)


  • Vast plugin support (I’ll try to create PR’s to help the process)


Server Owners

Just drop this plugin into your mods folder and enable any default expansions you want to use in the config file.


View tutorials on how to use the API here.

If you’re looking to contribute, the source code is available here.


We track plugin statistics with bStats.


There is plenty of information about this plugin that cannot fit on this page, so we have created a Wiki! See the wiki here!


If you find any bugs or would like to suggest features, please create an issue here

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Published on Jan 16, 2017




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