ChatClear V1.1.0 SpongeAPI 7.0.0


  • New! - Now reloads configs and re-registers commands on /sponge plugins reload

  • Incredibly configurable.

  • Commands:

/chatclear Clear chat for the user typing the command.

/chatclearglobal Clear the chat for everyone on the server.

  • OnJoin:

Clear the chat of users when they join the server.


“chatclear.clear” - Needed to clear the chat of yourself, recommended for all users.

“chatclear.join” - Needed to have your chat cleared on join. - recommended for all users.

“” - Needed to run the command to clear the chat of the whole server, - recommended admins or moderators only.

“chatclear.immunity” - Prevents chat clears from happening, - recommended for moderators, admins, or anyone that hates having their chat cleared by others.


Fully configurable!

aliases: “cc”, “chatclear”

permission: “chatclear.clear”

description: “A command to clear chat, use F3+D instead if you rather”

lines: 20

clearOnJoin: false

clearOnJoinPermission: “chatclear.join”

globalClearPermission: “”

immunityPermissionGlobal: “chatclear.immunity”

globalClearDescription: “Clears the chat for everyone without immunity”

immunityMessage: “Your chat would have been cleared if not for immunity”

globalClearAliases: “ccg”, “clearchatglobal”


Report issues & feature requests here or on the github tracker.


v1.1.0 for SpongeAPI 7.0.0 v1.1.0 for SpongeAPI 4.1.0 Adds Reload support. v1.0.1 for SpongeAPI 4.0.0 First stable version.

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Published on Jan 14, 2018




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