# Config
#Set the aliases that players can use.
aliases: [ "cc", "chatclear" ]
#Set the permission that people must have to use the command.
permission: "chatclear.clear"
#The description that appears in help.
description: "A command to clear chat, use F3+D instead if you rather"
#The amount of blank lines to send the user.
lines: 20
#Whether to clear your chat on join
clearOnJoin: false
#The permission needed to be able to clear chat on join
clearOnJoinPermission: "chatclear.join"
#The permission needed to be able to clear the chat for everyone.
globalClearPermission: "chatclear.global"
#The permission needed to be immune to someone else clearing your chat.
immunityPermissionGlobal: "chatclear.immunity"
#Global clear description registered in help
globalClearDescription: "Clears the chat for everyone without immunity"
#The message to display if your chat was cleared by immunity
immunityMessage: "Your chat would have been cleared if not for immunity"
#the command aliases for the global clear command
globalClearAliases: ["ccg", "clearchatglobal"]

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Published on Jan 14, 2018




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