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The original Utilities created by ewized is ported over for Year4000. This project is a modify version used for projects made for Year4000. Utilities was designed to be modular this allows for support on many different project levels.

API Changes

With this project reflects the codebase on Year4000. It our best to maintain backwards compatibility for the moment and @Deprecated will be removed in newer versions. Use Utilities with caution, there is no fact that it will work the same as it does for Year4000.


To grab a copy of this git repo. You will need to have git install on your computer; If you are on Windows, it is recommended that you select linux like environment.

git clone utilities


To build this project all you need to have gradle and JDK. With in gradle the project’s default tasks will handle picky things. It is recommended to use --daemon this will allow for faster compiling. For even faster compiling you can select a module to build -p core. This will compile every thing that it needs and nothing else.

gradle –daemon


If you want to spin up a quick docker instance to test the plugin, clone this repo and run the following command. You must run this command after you have compiled the code. If you know how Docker works we host this image on Docker Hub.

docker-compose run -p 25565:25565 –rm spongevanilla


The output of each core module is generally inside build/libs though core modules shade other modules. When there is more than one jar the suffix of -all.jar contains shaded jar, this is the one you want.


We use JitPack for the Maven repository hosting.

  • Repository: https://jitpack.io
  • Core: net.year4000.utilities:core:master-SNAPSHOT
  • Sponge: net.year4000.utilities:sponge:master-SNAPSHOT


Copyright © 2017 Year4000 www.year4000.net. All Rights Reserved.

The source code is provided for reference only. You may not redistribute modified versions of the source code.

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Published on Aug 20, 2017




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