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Utilities exists for one reason only. This reason is to provide developers a set of tools. This project is designed to be able to aid in the creation of any project not just Minecraft related.


At its core it contains a basic set of tools. But the core is split up into modules. The modules are designed to break up parts that only some projects need and others don’t.

  • Core - A set of generic utility classes and functional interfaces
  • Locale - A system to load locales based on properties files
  • Redis - Set of utility classes to help with programing with redis
  • Scheduler - A very basic scheduler system


Provides a basic set of tools for sponge. Parts of the system are designed to leverage sponge’s design. Each sub system uses a interface for the interaction and a manager for the brains. This allows for other developers to extend the system with out recreating everything from scratch.

  • Protocol - A tool to handle packets of the minecraft server
  • Holograms - A tool to handle the managment of holograms


We use JitPack for the Maven repository hosting.

  • Repository: https://jitpack.io
  • Core: net.year4000.utilities:core:master-SNAPSHOT
  • Sponge: net.year4000.utilities:sponge:master-SNAPSHOT

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Published on Aug 20, 2017




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