Provides an admin panel and API for your Minecraft server


Web-API is a RESTful API to access & manage your Sponge Minecraft server. It also offer an AdminPanel to manage your server through a web interface.

Default server runs on localhost port 8080.



Provides an AdminPanel to manage your minecraft server and a RESTful webserver with:

  • General information about the server
  • History for
    • Chat
    • Commands
  • WebHooks that execute
    • on minecraft events (like players joining, chat, death, etc.)
    • when calling certain command (supports parameters)
    • on custom events (e.g. from other plugins)
  • List, inspect, manipulate, create, delete:
    • Players
    • Worlds
    • Entities
    • Tile entities
    • Plugins
    • Blocks
  • Information about loaded classes
  • Arbitrary command execution (like using the server console)
  • Custom serializers to determine how data is turned into JSON
  • Permissions for each endpoint


This plugins offers integrations (provides an API endpoint and/or a page in the admin panel) for the following plugins:


Can be found on Github


You can download the plugin right here on Ore! Or you can go to Github

Docs / Tutorials

I started working on some short tutorials which you can find here


You can leave a message in the channel here, private message me on the forums here, message me on discord @ Valandur#3581 or join the Web-API discord server with this invite link

External connections

Web-API uses bStats to track plugin usage (Starting with v4.4.0) It also contains, which automatically reports errors. Error reports do NOT contain your server ip or any othe personal information.

Both these features can be turned off; bStats has it’s own config file and sentry can be turned off in the main config file config.conf by setting reportErrors = false


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Published on Jan 15, 2017


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