Valandur / Web-API

Provides an admin panel and API for your Minecraft server


Admin panel and RESTful web API for Minecraft Sponge


This plugin provides a RESTful web API to manage a Sponge server. This can be used to perform various administrative tasks through the web, or provide dynamic content for users.


Provides a RESTful webserver with:

  • General information about the server
  • History for
    • Chat
    • Commands
  • WebHooks that execute
    • on minecraft events (like players joining, chat, death, etc.)
    • when calling certain command (supports parameters)
    • on custom events (e.g. from other plugins)
  • List, get details about and manipulate
    • Players
    • Worlds
    • Entities
    • Tile entities
    • Plugins
    • Blocks
  • Information about loaded classes
  • Arbitrary command execution (like using the server console)
  • Custom serializers to determine how data is turned into JSON
  • Permissions for each endpoint


  1. Setup a Sponge server (Sponge Vanilla & SpongeForge supported)
  2. Add this mod to the mods folder
  3. Start the server
  4. Configure the config files to your needs.

Tutorials & Documentation

Go here to see a list of various documentations and tutorials

Request / Response types

This API uses JSON as requeset and response formats.


When accessing the base site (by default http://localhost:8080/) a documentation of all the methods will show up. This can be used as a starting point to explore the supported routes. You can also find the same documentation here.


Category: Admin Tools

Published on Jan 15, 2017


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Licensed under MIT