Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items


This plugin requires LangSwitch and MegaMenus

Feel free to open an issue on the git to share your translations

You need to download the translations from GitHub or use the auto downloader


This plugin allows you to set up villagers or other mobs as shops.
They will sell items as admin shop (this means infinite stock), or as player shops if placed above a chest.
The shop will be displayed as inventory over multiple pages you can modify with chat commands as admin or if you own the shop.
Buy items with a primary click and sell them with a secondary click (usually primary is the left mouse button).
You can also name the shop mobs and set the variant (Villager profession).
Additionally you can set items to ignore damage, nbt or use oredict entries.
Please note that your server needs any economy Plugin for this to work

Player Shops

In order to create a player shop you’ll have to first place a container below the block you want the shop to be. This can either be directly below or with a one block spacing.

The chest should be protected from punching, explosions and is only accessible for the owner. Double chest wont work - The plugin does not care for the other half, neither stock nor protection wise.

On forge this means that a chest has to have at least 27 slots, since I do not want shops to be able to sell into / buy from machines.

Chat messages will notify playershop owners about purchases in all their shops every 15 seconds to prevent mass spam.

Commands, Permissions & Options


Setup Guide


For more Information see the Setup Guide, or the pinned messages in the Discord channel

  • Pixelmon will replace various vanilla mobs with Pixelmon versions resulting in VillagerShops spamming mobs
  • Minecraft Comes Alive similar to Pixelmon this mod replaced villagers with custom mobs
  • InventoryTweaks has to be installed client side only - otherwise item dupes may happen
  • RLCraft, Engineer’s Life, Roguelike Adventures & Dungeons, Life in the Village (Mod: PotionCore) if your modpack contains PotionCore you’ll have to modify configs for server and client to get things to work
  • Quarks Improved Sign Edit might cause issues with shops not opening as reported here

Optional plugins supported:

Compatible plugins:

  • Selling Commands: If you want to sell commands through Villager Shops you’ll have to use a command item plugin


Q: How do I add items?
A: Read the commands page. It has examples.

Q: How do I add a skin to a shop?
A: Read the commands page. It has examples.

Q: The skin does not show up on my sponge:human
A: Read the commands page. It has explanations.

Q: I installed all dependencies but can’t open shops
A: You probably have Potion Core in your mod pack, Read the setup guide entry on that.

Q: Players can open the shops once / Only some players can open shops
A: Try disabling the anti-glitch system in MegaMenus config (You might have some mods that messes with inventories).

Q: The text looks strange -
A: Please read the setup guide.
A: Your server is running a language that villager shops currently has no translations for. Go into the LangSwitch config and change the default language to “en” (or create a translation file for your language and send it to me, would appreciate it)

Q: Configuration does not accept objects of type class [I
A: Update Sponge to 7.3+

Q: I don’t get it
A: Here’s a video: YouTube

Q: I still don’t get it
A: Hop on the discord server (link below)

External Connections

Version Checker
This plugin uses a version checker to notify you about available updates.
This updater is disabled by default and can be enabled in config/vshop/settings.conf by setting the value VersionChecker to true.
If enabled it will asynchronously check (once per server start) if the Ore repository has any updates.
This will only print update notes into the server log, no files are being downlaoded!

Translation Downloads
If you don’t want to download translations from GitHub or can’t find them you can turn on AutoDownloading in the config/vshop/settings.conf. If you start the server or /vshop reload with this setting enabled and no tranlations can be found on your server it will automatically pull the latest translation files from GitHub and place them into config/vshop/Lang for you. Once the downloads finish you’ll have to restart the server.

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