Block frame portals that can be linked to one another


This portal plugin takes some of the ideas from ProjectPortals, but strips away some of the bloat, to make something a bit more simpler in my opinion. Simply create framed portals and link them to one another. No manually setting locations, shorter commands. Simple.

WARNING: It is not recommended to have SImplyPortals and ProjectPortals installed along side one another. It has not been tested and you WILL experience command conflicts.


This plugin requires the ProjectCore library to function.


  • Frame portals - Any shape and block combination
  • Custom frame portal particle effects
  • Portal permissions
  • Link portals to other portals and to other portals..have fun with it

Development Builds

To get the latest builds of SimplyPortals or my other projects, check the link below. Fair warning, these builds may not always be stable

Download Here

In-Game Command Help:

Like all my plugins if you need information on what commands do, as part of ProjectCore, you can you the help command.

/helpme [rawCommand]

For example if you want to know how to use /portal create use the following:

/helpme portal create

/helpme will also list any subcommands if any exist. For example /helpme portal will list all subcommands for /portal

Command lists are clickable and the arguments can be hovered over for more details.


Creating plugins for Sponge takes time and effort. If you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into to this please feel free to get my a cup of coffee. It is much appreciated.


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Published on Apr 22, 2019




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