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The Configuration Library is an assorted mix of classes and tools to make it easier to work with Configurate. This is by no means a fully fleshed-out library, but has been helpful nonetheless.

This was one of the initial libraries in TeslaLibs and added by Simon_Flash.


The ConfigHolder [link] class is a wrapper around a ConfigurationLoader and it’s root ConfigurationNode. A ConfigHolder can be created with the following.

Path path;
HoconConfigurationLoader loader = HoconConfigurationLoader.builder().setPath(path).build();

try {
    ConfigHolder<CommentedConfigurationNode> config = ConfigHolder.of(loader);
} catch (IOException e) {
    //an exception occurred reading/parsing the configuration file


In many cases, Configurate’s ObjectMappingException doesn’t quite cut it - you want to know exactly what node caused an error so you can report it to the user. In these cases, the ConfigurationNodeException [link] contains a ConfigurationNode for when these cases occur, and because it extends ObjectMappingException it can be thrown inside a TypeSerializer. There are times however when it becomes useful to throw this as an unchecked exception, and the methods ConfigurationNodeException#asUnchecked and ConfigurationNodeException.Unchecked#getCause() can be used to convert between the two.


This utility class contains a number of methods that contain relatively simple (but useful) functions for working with ConfigurationNodes. The majority of the methods are made clear from the code and Javadocs, but some highlights include #ifAttached, #ifVirtual, #getOrDefault, #copy, and #tryComment.

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Published on Mar 18, 2018




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