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The Animation Library is a bit of a rag-tag system for things related to animation. Currently, it is possible to animate GUI views and perform a number of common actions with point-paths (generally for particle animations). In the future, it is indented to provide support for GUI, particle / armor stand, and block animation.

The library should be considered in an unfinished state, and while functional may be altered more significantly than other libraries.

This was one of the initial features in TeslaLibs and was added by Simon_Flash.


The Animator [link] class is the central point of the library and is the controller for handling animations. By using the Frame class, anything that implements Animatable may be run through an Animator. The general idea is presented below.

View view;
List<Frame<Layout>> frames;
PluginContainer container;

Animator<View, Layout> animator = Animator.of(view, frames, container);
animator.start(0, false);


Though designed for particle animations, the AnimUtils [link] class can be used for any type of path related operations with vectors (and probably some other things as well). The library is float based and uses flowpowered TrigMath cached sine and cosine values to ensure speed in calculations.

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Published on Mar 18, 2018




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