Create, combine, and register new commands


CmdBuilder allows administrators to create basic command scripts and integrate them with registered commands. As one of the most advanced plugins of it’s type, CmdBuilder can:

  • Create custom commands through scripts
  • Define scripts with multiple commands
  • Verify arguments with correct typing
  • Set the source and delay of a command
  • Apply cooldowns and costs to scripts
  • Create new aliases or overwrite existing ones
  • Store and retrieve customized user metadata

Important Notes

CmdBuilder requires CmdControl to be installed as a dependency. Additionally, CmdBuilder must be placed in the /mods folder of your server, not a plugins folder. This is because CmdBuilder makes use of Mixins to handle tab completing scripts.

/Cmd Series

CmdBuilder is one of the plugins in the /Cmd series. If there’s something you’re looking for with commands that CmdBuilder doesn’t offer, there’s a good chance it’ll be found in one of the plugins below:


For the meantime, the documentation is stored on the CmdBuilder Wiki where you can find information about how to set up scripts and the available features you can use.

If you need additional help, you can post a message in the #cmdbuilder channel of my Support Discord. It’s also a great place to keep updated with new developments for CmdBuilder or any one of my plugins, so feel free to come join in the development fun!

Developer API

CmdBuilder employs a very basic API that may be used to define custom ValueTypes, which are used for argument parsing. This is still in development and not yet stable, so if you have a interest in working with this please send me a message.

Support Me

There’s a lot of time and effort that goes into making plugins like CmdBuilder, so if you’ve benefited from one of my plugins and appreciate the work I do please take some time and add a donation through PayPal. Thanks for your support!t!

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Published on Feb 1, 2018




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