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This page documents the user meta feature added in v1.3.0. Sadly, I am behind on my wiki-writing.

User Meta

User meta is a way to store persistent data to any user on the server or the server itself. The getmeta and setmeta commands may be used to change or retrieve meta attached to a user. A delmeta command will be provided for deleting metadata and a addmeta command will be added for list values.

To set meta for a user, the command is /setmeta [user] <name> <type> <value>. If the user is not provided, the server’s meta is set instead (stored under the zero UUID). The meta is stored under the name provided, which can be scoped with a period as in homes.main and The final arguments, type and value, are the name of the ParserType used to deserialize the value argument and the respective value.

In a script, a user’s meta can be retrieved as in <>. Server metadata uses the @Meta attribute, as in <@meta.warps.spawn>.


  • /setmeta Simon_Flash tokens integer 42: Sets Simon_Flash’s tokens meta to 42 (as an integer).
  • /setmeta position #self: Sets the server’s meta to the position of the player executing the command.
  • /getmeta Simon_Flash tokens: Gets the value of Simon_Flash’s tokens meta, which is 42.

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Published on Feb 1, 2018




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