Auction as in various MMORPG games, in-game admin shops. No signs or chests.


LocaleAPI plugin is required.

CommandPack - required for plugin version 3.0+.

MySQLDriver - optional support included.

H2Driver - optional support included. 3.0+.

  • Multicurrency support.
  • Support for all languages of the game using them without restarting.
  • Admin shop.
  • Console commands shop(1.16.5+).
  • An auction similar to what can be seen in various MMORPG games.
  • Support MySQL. The format of synchronization with the database depends on the plugin version.
  • Support H2(1.19.4+).
  • Convenient shops that will fit a lot of items.
Demo video(1.12.2 version):

Permissions API8/10: : access to the main command
guishopmanager.staff.reload : reboot plugin
guishopmanager.staff.commandshop.create : creating a command shop
guishopmanager.staff.commandshop.addcommand : adding a command to an item in hand
guishopmanager.staff.commandshop.delete : deleting the command shop
guishopmanager.staff.commandshop.edit : editing a command shop
guishopmanager.staff.commandshop.translate : adding a localized name to the command shop : opening a command shop to others : opening a command shop : creating a shop : deleting a shop : editing a shop : add translateble shop name : opening a shop to others : opening a shop yourself : add item in hand to blacklist : opening an auction to others : opening an auction for yourself : putting an item up for sale using the command : access currency to purchase items at auction. : access currency to purchase items at auction. : access currency to purchase items in shop. : access currency to purchase items in shop.
guishopmanager.currency.currency_name_or_symbol.commandshop.shop_id : access currency to purchase in commandshop.
Placeholders for commands shop

%player% - the nickname of the player who activated the commands.
%uuid% - the UUID of the player who activated the commands.

API7(1.12.2) info ->

English localization may contain errors. I had to use Google translator, and it does not always make the right translation. If you have a desire, then you can help in correcting the inaccuracies of the translation by clicking on this link.

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Published on May 15, 2021




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