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LocaleAPI - required.

MySQLDriver - optional support included.

H2Driver - optional support included.

Commands and Permissions ->

Currently implemented:

  • Multilanguage. Ability to translate the plugin into any language. All languages will be used at the same time.
  • Customizable ability to save inventory and experience of the player at death(metaperms).
  • Customizable restrictions on entity spawns.
  • Logging the list of mods installed on the client player connects to the server.
  • Configurable restrictions on allowable mods on the player’s client that connects to the server.
  • Command execution conditions, as well as adding command aliases. The economy is supported.
  • All teleportation commands, including teleportation requests and teleportation to random coordinates.
  • System of server and private warps.
  • Kits. The economy is supported.
  • AFK
  • Opening with a menu command functional blocks such as: workbench, anvil, enderchest, enchantment table.
  • Viewing and changing the inventory of other players by the administrator, including the enderchest and backpack.
  • The execution commands logging looks like in Nucleus.
  • Viewing server information.
  • View information and reload plugins.
  • Viewing information about mods. Plugins are separated from mods.
  • Change of time, weather, game mode. Removed game mode identifiers have been returned.
  • Worlds Management
  • Join/Leave messages
  • Join commands
  • Flexible punishment system with support for h2 and MySQL databases (large customization). Disabled by default. Can be enabled in the main configuration.
  • Sponge Economy API Implementation. Multicurrency support. Disabled by default. Can be enabled in the main configuration.
  • And much more… For more information, see the list of commands at the link above.
For developers:

JavaDoc ->

	private CommandPack commandPack;
	public void onCommandPackPostApiEvent(CommandPack.PostAPI event) {
		commandPack = event.getAPI();
repositories {
	maven { 
		name = "JitPack"
		url '' 
dependencies {
	implementation 'com.github.SawFowl:CommandPack:2.2'

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Published on May 6, 2023




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