LocaleAPI - required.

CommandPack - required.

  • Automatic removal of items lying on the ground by timer.
  • Customizable limit of monsters when reached in each individual world they will be killed.
  • Blacklist of items that will not be removed by the plugin.
  • Kill mobs by category using commands.
  • Temporary disable basic world functions [mob spawning, mob griefing, fire tick, random tick speed = 0]
  • Clearing RAM using the command.
  • Dynamically adjust the view distances of each individual world, as well as the game rule randomTickSpeed.
  • The commands to kill mobs ignore entities with a custom name.
Command | Permission | Lore
/lagg | | Main command
/lagg clear | clearlag.clear | remove any items lying on the ground
/lagg halt | clearlag.halt | enable/disable the halt function in the world.
/lagg gc | clearlag.garbagecollector | clear ram
/lagg kill | | killing mobs by category
/lagg kill monsters | clearlag.kill.monsters | kill all hostile mobs
/lagg kill creature | clearlag.kill.creature | kill all the peaceful mobs
/lagg kill ambient | clearlag.kill.ambient | kill all the ambient mobs
/lagg kill waterсreature | clearlag.kill.waterсreature | kill all the peaceful water mobs
/lagg kill waterambient | clearlag.kill.waterambient | kill all the ambient water mobs
/lagg kill misc | clearlag.kill.misc | kill all mobs outside of the other categories
/lagg kill all | clearlag.kill.all | kill all the mobs
Reload config:

/sponge plugins refresh clearlag or /plugins reload clearlag.

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Sep 29, 2023




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