Nucleus released this version on Dec 29, 2017

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Nucleus 1.2 Pre-release 6

This build is for Minecraft 1.12.2+ (Sponge API 7) ONLY

Nucleus LTS is available for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2

This is a preview release. Not all the testing that you would come to expect has been performed on this build for a very specific reason - this is a build for Sponge bleeding, and changes are possible that will break this build. A full 1.2 release will be made when Sponge API 7 is declared stable.

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H

Changes from PR5

  • Added /rocket
  • Added options to RTP, including min radius and player centred rtp
  • Added /craft alias to /workbench
  • Lots of bug fixes

Important Changes & Notices

Are you upgrading from Nucleus 0.x? Upgrade to 1.0.1 first.

Nucleus 1.1 removes a lot of old migration code that has been in the codebase since the very early days. 1.0.1 is the last version that contains this migration code, anyone updating directly from 0.x to 1.1 may not get a smooth migration.

PR5 Using the permission wildcard?

There were a lot of admins who give themselves the * or nucleus permission wildcard, we were getting issues and support requests saying it was a bug that you were vanished on login. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature - the permission nucleus.vanish.onlogin causes this. We recommend that you don’t do it, please read this for an explanation why.

PR2 Backup your data! Codebase cleanup!

Nucleus 1.2 has undergone a lot of changes to remove a lot of redundant code. While this should make the plugin more stable, there may be minor issues that have arisen. Nothing should break, but please keep a backup of your data before installing 1.2 PR3.

PR2 Removal of config key admin.separate-gamemode-permissions

If this config key was set to false, you should now grant the players in question the nucleus.gamemode.modes permission.

New Features

PR6 Added /rocket

Someone mentioned that they missed putting a rocket up someones… avatar and making them jump for miles with EssentialCmds. It’s back! Plus, with the -e flag, you can make your unsuspecting victim go up with a bang too!

PR6 Added min/max RTP with option for player centred RTP.

You can now set a minimum radius for RTP, and set up the command to be player centred, rather than spawn centred.

PR6 Added /craft as an alias to /workbench

’Nuff said.

PR5 Added tab list support for vanish

Now, vanish, and you disappear from the tab list of standard players.

PR5 Add -c flag for a compact /serverstat

Adding the -c flag to /serverstat will omit the world information, which is useful for those running this command on the console.

PR5 Add many flags to /repair fo repairing specific inventories.

@Mohron added flags and permissions to the repair command to make it more versatile:

  • Add repair blacklist/whitelist functionality - see the main config, under item
  • Add new repair messages
  • Add exemption check for repair restriction

Flag permissions to start with nucleus.repair.flag

PR4 Add gamerules alias & suggest command click actions

Thanks to Mohron, you can now run /gamerules as an alias to /world gamerule. Clicking on a gamerule will suggest a command to alter it.

PR4 Add force flag for /spawn

Now, you can run /spawn -f to force yourself to the set spawn, even if it’s not safe.

PR4 Added invulnerability module

Previous, invulnerability was in the misc module. It is now in its own separate module as the featureset got large enough for it to be in its own module.

Those who are invulnerable through Nucleus’ mechanisms should not be targeted by mobs any longer.

PR4 Added way to track potential world UUID changes.

On each startup, Nucleus determines the mapping of world name -> UUID. If a world doesn’t match the UUID on subsequent startups, Nucleus whitelists the server and offers the /repairuuid command, which will correct it and shutdown the server if it can find the right methods.

This does not fix world UUIDs changing, but it alerts you and offers to fix the problem if it ever is detected.

PR4 Added vanish on login permission

Players with the permission nucleus.vanish.onlogin will now log in and vanish immediately.

PR3 Added /trash

Now, a new way to dispose of your items! Brings up an inventory window, put your items in, close the inventory, and they are digital history!

PR3 Added warning messages on startup in some scenarioes

Nucleus works best with a permission plugin and an economy plugin - it doesn’t provide these functions itself. If you don’t have these, Nucleus will warn you on startup.

Also, if Nucleus can’t take a command name, it will now warn you on startup too.

PR3 More world commands

You can now copy and rename worlds using /world clone and /world rename

PR2 Changes due to the Sponge Cause Refactor

Nucleus now supports the Sponge CauseStackManager and will fail to run on older builds. This should not affect the general player, but there are developer centric things to keep in mind. These will be documented in the Developers section of these notes.

PR2 /workbench, /anvil and /enchanttable (with caveats)

You can now, thanks to advances in the Sponge API, call a virtual workbench and anvil. You can also call an enchantment table, but there is no way to set its power right now - it will be a very low power table! We hope to be able to add this to Sponge and bring this in a future update.

PR2 Added blacklist for command spy

Now, you can specify either commands to be able to spy on, or commands NOT to spy on, bring this up to parity with the command logger.

PR2 Updated World pre-gen code

We’ve made a few quality of life changes to the world gen system:

  • Remove a lot of the spam caused by world generation by default, replacing with a more friendly notification, timed with the general player notification frequency
  • Add option to re-add spam (if you’re really into that sort of thing)
  • Decoupled save interval and player notification interval
  • Added -f flag to control the tick interval for pre-gen (how often the pre-gen code runs, number of ticks between generations - defaults to Sponge default)

There has also been some cleanup of the code.

New aliases for /time set and /warp set: /settime and /setwarp

Not really much more to say than that, but now you won’t have to worry about getting that command wrong all the time!

As a related note, if a small change like this will help you with using the plugin, please tell us. This plugin is for the community!

New commands for kits: /kit info and /kit view

Server admins can now view at a glance info about kits by running /kit info [kit]. Servers can also give the /kit view command to players, which will allow them to look at a kit without redeeming it.

Prevent players from accessing no-go worlds with world access permissions!

@Mohron has added per-world access permissions. By setting world.separate-permissions in main.conf to true, server owners can prevent players from warping to certain worlds by denying the permission nucleus.worlds.[worldname].

Added a way to prevent homes being used/modified if too many are set.

There was an exploit where if a player’s home count was reduced, the player could still overwrite homes and keep the higher number. By default, in this scenario now, Nucleus will not allow players with too many homes from modifying and warping to homes until some are deleted, but for the scenario that servers might want to keep this behaviour, there is a new option in main.conf, homes.prevent-home-count-overhang - set this to false to retain the existing behaviour.

Developers - API updates

Repository: ‘http://repo.drnaylor.co.uk/artifactory/list/minecraft’. Dependency (1.12.2): ‘io.github.nucleuspowered:nucleus-api:1.2.0-PR6-S7.0’

PR6 Expanded ChangeNicknameEvent

This event has changed drastically, but now returns the old and new nicknames and fires when the nickname is removed.

PR5 Expanded AFK events

The AFK events now allow you to alter the messages that are displayed when someone changes their AFK status.

PR2 Updates for the Sponge Cause Stack Manager (CSM)

There are a few things to be aware of:

  • We’ve kept the Cause parameter on API methods where the API method can be called async. The Sponge CSM only works on the main thread. Read the Sponge Javadocs for API 7 for how to create causes off the main thread (look at Cause.builder())
  • If a player’s chat is caused by sudo, note that the root cause will NOT be the sudo’d player, but the player who caused the chat (who ran the sudo command). Check for the EventContexts.PLAYER_SIMULATED key for the GameProfile of the simulated player. Nucleus will look for this context too.
  • Nucleus will add the (Nucleus) EventContexts.SHOULD_FORMAT_CHANNEL context when Nucleus will not format chat. Your plugins can also add this context when you send a chat message that you don’t want Nucleus to format the chat - if you want to use the ID, it’s nucleus:should_format_channel.

Addition of NucleusInvulnerabilityService

Developers can now inspect and change a player’s invulnerability status (often referred to as “god mode”)

Large update to the Kit service

Kits now contain the name of the kit, and back end changes now affect how kits should be saved. Existing integrations will still work, but note that there are a fair few deprecations. Such methods will be removed in Nucleus 2.0, when that comes to be.

Minor Changes & Enhancements

  • Update message reloading so that /nucleus update-messages works
  • Updates to /rtp to use Sponge API 7 features
  • The Kits subsystem has been improved
  • Added configurable /unstuck radius and height
  • Removal of the Permission Cache system, permission plugins now should be intelligently caching permissions
  • Internal cleanup of inconsistent systems
  • Reasons are now coloured in text that is displayed
  • Added message to startup if the version of Sponge is too old
  • Removed admin.separate-gamemode-permissions
  • Bumped QSML to 0.9.0


  • Fix kit info showing the number of stacks for the number of commands
  • Fix command spy not working in some scenarios.
  • Try to support arrays in kits.
  • Fix always requiring separate permissions for /kit list
  • Fix world import sometimes appearing to exist, but then pointing to an existing world
  • Fix players not spawning on the centre of a block when logging in with the relavent options set
  • Fix ClassCastException in some cases when using /tp
  • Unset the spectatee when setting a player’s location.
  • Fixed /world import throwing up debug messages when they shouldn’t be thrown
  • Fixed /world import attempting to modifiy the level_sponge.dat when it should be modifying level.dat
  • Fixed isAFK checks sometimes throwing a null exception
  • Fixed kits with only commands in not redeeming
  • Fixed missing translation key when a world could not be loaded
  • Fixed home overhang message to output the numbers the correct way around
  • Updated saving/loading to be more robust
  • Work around issues with /back
  • Fixed null MOTD permission check
  • Prevent stack traces on startup if the server is pinged
  • Fixed nicknames ignoring style/colour permissions
  • Fixed weird teleport issues when warping when riding a vehicle
  • Added extra check to try to place someone a block above a solid block in rare cases
  • Fixed /list not reporting the correct number of players when some are vanished
  • Fixed /vanish not working without a name
  • Fixed RTP doing surface teleports in worlds where the sky cannot be seen
  • Add extra code to try to prevent nicknames resetting
  • Fix incorrect regex for colour parsing, resulting in some colour codes not being translated
  • Fix nickname colours when no prefix is used
  • API 7 compatibility changes

Known Issues

  • Kits may fail to save if your kit contains modded items that use arrays to store data. This will be addressed in a future release.
  • Sometimes, an incorrect custom prefix might be selected. Nucleus uses whatever the permission plugin hands back, check your inheritance with the permissions plugin.
  • This version of Nucleus targets an unstable version of the Sponge API. Nucleus may break, without warning, with newer version of the API and 1.12.2 builds.

Commit History