Nucleus released this version on Dec 29, 2017

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Nucleus LTS

This build is for Minecraft 1.10.2 (Sponge API 5.1)

Nucleus LTS is also available for 1.11.2

Nucleus 1.2 pre-release 6 is available for 1.12.2

Release Notes

This is a bug fix release for Nucleus 1.1.x LTS

If you’re having trouble, visit our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/A9QHG5H

IMPORTANT: Upcoming End of Life for Nucleus 1.1.x LTS

Nucleus 1.1.x LTS for 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 will not be officially supported or updated from the 1st January 2018. It has had a good life, but as Sponge API 7 is due to be released soon and Nucleus 1.2 will have many structural improvements, API 5.1 and 6 builds will become increasingly difficult to maintain.

PRs will be accepted, a release will occur if there are enough fixes.

Nucleus 1.1.x will continue to receive support throughout the rest of 2017.

Release Notes

Important Note about Nucleus Mixins: Nucleus Mixins is a mod not a plugin, that can be used on SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla servers. It MUST be in your MODS directory, NOT any other plugin directory.

New Features

  • Added compact server stats (/serverstat -c)


  • Fix nickname colour issue when no prefix is used
  • Try to be more robust with data saving

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, an incorrect custom prefix might be selected. Nucleus uses whatever the permission plugin hands back, check your inheritance with the permissions plugin.

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