NeumimTo / NT-Rpg

Plugin which brings RPG features into minecraft.


All configuration nodes for each skill can be found in an automatically generated file skills-nodelist.conf

  • Arrowstorm - Shots up to X arrows at random rate.
  • Astronomy - Abiltiy to create teleportation scrolls
  • Bandage - Targetted heal, and stops Bleeding
  • BattleCharge - Buffs caster and nearby party members with movement boost
  • BrainSap - Damages target, heals caster
  • BurningPresence - Aura, deals periodic aoe damage
  • Dementia - Targetted debuff, which decreases level of all skills by X
  • Despair - AOE damage + blindness potion debuff
  • Empathy - Deals damage for each missing point of health.
  • GrapplingHook - Shoots an arrow which will pulls up a player after landing, pressing shift breaks the rope
  • Harmtouch - Targetted damage
  • Multibolt - Hits target with a lightning up to X times
  • Pandemic - Periodic damage debuff
  • Portal - Creates a blank portal, teleportation scrolls can be used to redirect the portal to another location, every tick the portal is open it drains caster’s mana, higher skill level decreases chance that the teleportation will fail (may result in player’s death).
  • Fireball - Shoots a fireball
  • Invisibility - Makes caster invisible, attacking, casting skill or taking damage breaks invisibility
  • Jump - Caster jumps in a way hes looking at
  • Teleport - Teleports caster to targetted location
  • Slow - Slows the target
  • Stun - Stuns the target
  • Web - Spawns tempoar web blocks under target’s feets
  • Wrestle - Aoe Stun + damage

Passive Skills

  • Basher - % chance to stun someone in meele combat
  • Critical - % chance to deal X times more damage
  • Dampen - Prevents taking damage if the attacking player has below X mana
  • Dodge - % chance to dodge attacks
  • Enderpearl - Ability to throw ender pearls
  • ResoluteTechnique - Player never deals critical strike, cannot be stunned.
  • Potion - Ability to drink specific potions once every X ms

Custom Enchantments


Category: Role Playing

Published on Jul 2, 2017


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Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)