Plugin which brings RPG features into minecraft.


The main approach is to provide an easy to use api and an flexible rpg system for Sponge servers.

Latest release:

I no longer maintain this ore page, for latest release please and updated documentation go to github’s project page > releases > find Sponge release

If you are looking for plug-and-play plugins this one is not for you. I put plenty of my time into this this plugin, now its up to you to use it and create something unique. If you are looking for some example configurations, jump on the discord server.

If you would like to use the api and create new skills or enchantments you need to know either java, or be able to write small pieces of code in javascript. If you dont mind that your skill ideas will become part of public skillpack feel free to request them either on discord server, or create an issue on the project’s github page.

Some mechanics you may play with:

  • Define custom classes & races

  • Easily create custom content such as skills

  • Custom enchantments, items and so on

  • Skilltrees and so on

  • You will be able to alter PVP and PVE as much as you would like.

    • define per-item damage for every class
    • define sets of items which a class or race cannot use and much more
    • create unique sets of items
    • Multiple types of skills - passive/active/
    • Skills may be executed either via a command, binding skill to an item, or executing click combo ingame
    • Players are able to craft predefined items with runes (basically d2:lod)
  • So far I decieded to disable vanilla attack cooldown, i simply belive its a shit-tier mechanic for minecrarft.


For any questions feel free to join discord

Wiki in progress


Theres a small skillpack under heavy development, Skills are very easy to write you can either use Java or Javascript.

You can grab the skillpack from the github releases.

Custom Enchantments

One of main goals is also extend boring vanilla minecraft item system, which allows players to craft items with custom enchantments.




Class selection gui sample: Class selection

Skill description gui: SkillTree example

Known bugs

  • Due to missing Sponge events its not possible to restrict players from equiping armor via rightclicking. Implemented in 1.0.8
  • Due to missing Sponge events its not possible to fully implement player’s offhand
  • And few more :p

Category: Role Playing

Published on Jul 2, 2017




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Licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL)

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