Refill plugin used on MilspecSG Servers


MilSpecRefill is intended to provide an all purpose refillable container solution. Whether you want to create a drop party room for your community, a Public mob spawner system, or refillable chests in questing worlds, MilSpecRefill is the answer.

Current Features:

  • create and name refillable containers (Droppers, Dispensers, Chests)
  • set custom refill timer
  • refill specific container by command
  • refill all refillable containers with single command
  • create drop party containers
  • list all refillable containers
  • update refillable container contents
  • remove refillable container

Planned Features:

  • Custom tiers/item sets for random item spawns in refillable containers
  • Configureable spawn odds for custom tiers


Refillable Inventories:

/msr help

  • Shows all MSRefill commands
  • Permission :

/msr create (name)

  • Creates a refillable inventory (chest, dropper etc)
  • allows for naming the refillable inventory
  • Permission : msrefill.command.create

/msr name (name)

  • Optional : name
  • Set or get the name of a refillable inventory
  • Permission : msrefill.command.setname

/msr time (time in seconds)

  • Sets the time of which the refillable inventory refills
  • Can only be used on a refillably inventory
  • Optional : time(seconds)
  • Permission : msrefill.command.time

/msr refill (name)

  • Refill the inventory of the specified refillable inventory
  • Required : name
  • Permission : msrefill.command.refill

/msr refillall

  • Refill’s all refillable inventories
  • Permission : msrefill.command.refillall

/msr list

  • Shows a list of refilable inventories
  • Permission : msrefill.command.list

/msr update

  • Updates the inventory of a refillable container
  • Permission : msrefill.command.update

/msr remove

  • Removes a refillable inventory
  • Permission : msrefill.command.remove


/msr dplist

  • Shows a list of Drop Party Dropper’s (or infinite droppers)
  • Permission : msrefill.command.list

/msr dp (name)

  • Creates a Drop Party Dropper (or a infinite dropper)
  • Optional : name
  • Permission : msrefill.command.create

/msr dpremove

  • Removes a Drop Party Dropper (or a infinite dropper)
  • Permission : msrefill.command.remove

Category: Admin Tools

Published on Apr 2, 2019




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