Normal home commands

These commands are what most players will use when using homes

  • /home [home] Teleport to a home you have created, or if no home is supplied, shows the home interface
  • /home set <home> Set a new home
  • /home remove <home> Remove an already existing home
  • /home list Check your homes
  • /homes Same as /home list
  • /home limit Check how many homes you can have
  • /home invite <player> <home> Invite another player to your home
  • /home goto <user> <home>Go to another user’s home where you are allowed to go (you have been invited, or you are a resident). If you are not allowed to go to that home, instead sends a request
  • /home accept <player> Accept a home request from another player

Residents commands

Use these commands to manage the residents of a home. A resident is another player that is permanently allowed to teleort to your home.

  • /home residents [home] Check the current residents of this home, or if no home is supplied shows all residents for all homes
  • /home residents add <player> <home> Add a new resident to this home
  • /home residents remove <player> <home> Remove a resident from a home
  • /home residents limit Check home many residents you can have for homes

Other commands

HomeSweetHome also gives admins/mods additional commands to manage the homes of other players. You can do almost everything you can do for the normal commands with the other commands too.

  • /home other <user> [home] Teleport to another user’s home, or if no player is supplied, shows all homes
  • /home other set <user> <home> Set a home for another user
  • /home other remove <user> <home> Remove a home for another user
  • /home other list <user> List the homes of another user
  • /home other limit <user> Check another user’s home limit
  • /home other invite <user> <player> <home> Invite a player to another user’s home. Your name will be shown in the invite

Other residents commands

You can also manage the residents of other homes

  • /home other residents <user> [home] Shows the current residents of this home for this user, or if no home is supplied, shows all residents for all homes.
  • /home other residents add <user> <player> <home> Adds a player as a resident to the home of another user
  • /home other residents remove <user> <player> <home> Remove a player from the residents of another user’s home
  • /home other residents limit <user> Check how many residents another user can have for each home

Misc commands

Some other commands that don’t deal with homes directly

  • /homeSweetHome Shows information about HomeSweetHome
  • /homeSweetHome help [command with subcommand] Shows help for HomeSweetHome commands, also works with subcommands like /home set

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Published on Jan 16, 2017




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