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The plugin allows you to create a lot of different crates on your server, also it provides a simple API to developers for creating addons.

The plugin officially supports the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Russian
    unofficially (translation may be outdated):
  3. French
  4. Portuguese
  5. Chinese
    And you can easily translate it yourself.


  1. Configurability. The main and the biggest feature of the plugin. Do you want to make a crate which can be opened only at midnight/dawn/day/sunset? Only during the storm/rain? Only in some biome(s)? Only having some level of experience/health/food? Only in some location(s)? Only after collecting 7 key fragments? Maybe you want to combine a few conditions? Yep, all of these is possible! Make your crates as unique as your imagination allows you!
  2. JavaScriptable crates! Gives you the maximum possible control on your crates.
  3. Designed for the latest stable (7.1.0 currently) Sponge version.
  4. Sale cases, keys and drop for game money;
  5. Preview drops in the case by Left-Click;
  6. Creating a custom GUI menu;
  7. Convenient permissions management;
  8. 6 types of Cases, 15 types of Keys, 6 types of Open Managers, 3 types of Preview and 6 types of Drops;
  9. Sounds support;
  10. Permissions, Economy, Holograms and PlaceholderAPI integration;
  11. Works with any mods (including Pixelmon);
  12. and many more…




The plugin is “free as in freedom” (and also “free as in beer”), licensed under GPL v3, which means that you can do almost anything you want to.
But if you want to support me, here is a list of how you can do this:

  • BTC: 16apH89EQdTUJkwp9zEF63wnnhZVHTHoJb
  • LTC: LeryE1ziaZ6XW7Dzogx2iNh6JSKg61kpgS

If you can’t donate, but still want to support me, click here.

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Published on Jul 26, 2017




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