FlashLabs released this version on May 9, 2022

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This release now targets API-7 (instead of API-8), which will be the main development focus for the next few releases. The primary focus of this release is polishing user-features like commands, configuration, and error handling.


  • Refactored project to target Sponge API-7
  • Added FlashLibs integrations (commands, messages, & inventory)
    • Commands now have an in-game documentation and argument validation
    • Messages can be customized/translated (messages/messages.conf)
    • GUI’s have been added for various commands and crate preview/confirm
  • Added Storm integration for config validation and error messages
  • Added Money prize type (requires an economy plugin)
  • Added /crates and /keys for viewing crates/keys (includes GUI support)
  • Added crate preview/confirm features (includes GUI support)
  • Added permission checks for various command features and crate interactions
  • Improved default name/lore/icon values for components
  • Updated documentation with the above changes and added a config overview

Future Plans

The next release will be focused on filling in missing features from TeslaCrate, particularly effects, and will also include a config converter.

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