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  • Version v0.1.2

FlashLibs is a library for Sponge development providing common functionality for creating plugins. FlashLibs itself contains multiple libraries, each with their own version to depend strictly on that library without needed the entire plugin.


FlashLibs currently contains the following libraries:

  • Command v0.1.1
    • The command library provides a service for creating and registering commands in hierarchies, as well as other common actions for commands.
  • Database v0.1.0
    • The database library provides a service for interacting with databases such as obtaining connections, executing statements, and managing transactions.
  • Inventory v0.1.0
    • The inventory library provides a system for creating custom inventories and managing inventory actions to create menus.
  • Message v0.1.1
    • The message library provides a service for managing translatable messages that support argument placeholders.
  • Plugin v0.1.0
    • The plugin library is a framework providing the core structure and functionality for a plugin and managing necessary resources such as messages.
  • Translation v0.1.1
    • The translation library provides a service for loading translations.


Contributions to FlashLibs are highly encouraged. First, we ask that before starting you discuss the changes either through an issue, on Discord, or through another method. This is to ensure we know what is currently being worked on to help us administrate the project effectively. When in doubt, create an issue for discussion first.

The full contribution guidelines are available on GitHub.

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Published on Apr 6, 2020




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