The cratest crate plugin of all time


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The cratest crate plugin of all time.

~Alexander the Crate

CrateCrate is a Sponge plugin for adding loot crates to your server. Though still in development, CrateCrate is actively being used on servers and supports all of the core features necessary for crates (see Features).

Additionally, you can join our Discord to ask questions, stay up to date on progress, assist with testing, and provide feedback/suggestions:

Crate Effects Demo"


  • Core Features:
    • Command, item, and money prizes
    • Rewards supporting multiple prizes and built-in message/broadcast
    • Firework, particle, potion, and sound effects
    • GUI openers and menus for viewing keys or opening crates
  • Quality of Life:
    • Reusable config system with reasonably-sane defaults
    • Detailed documentation, including config examples and in-game commands
    • Descriptive errors for config/command errors (for when they happen)
  • Extensibility:
    • Support for custom messages and translations
    • API extensibility for custom prizes, effects, etc (such as for mods)

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Published on Sep 5, 2021




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