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The config for CrateCrate can be tricky to understand. This file addresses the main concepts, and the reference docs below contain more details and examples for individual components.


Configuring crates can be difficult, time-consuming, and require a lot of duplicate work in the config. Compared to other crate plugins, CrateCrate emphasizes a configuration workflow that promotes reuseability and natural defaults, which can take some time to get used to.

The main thing to understand is the different between prizes and rewards:

  • A prize is something that can be given to a player and includes commands, items and money. The same prize can be used in different rewards.
  • A reward is something the player can win from a crate and contains multiple prizes. Rewards also account for other opening-related features like broadcast messages, effects, and player-specific behavior. The same reward can be used in different crates.

The config also supports a feature called referencing, which allows reusing the same component in a slightly different manner. Items, for example, use the quantity as a reference value - the example below shows how this can reuse the apple prize with different quantities, thus configuring apple only once in prizes.conf.

prizes = [
    ["apple", 1]
    ["apple", 4]

Finally, an inline reference can be used to easily create a prize instead of defining it in prizes.conf. Building on the previous example, using just minecraft:apple will automatically create the appropriate prize with reasonable defaults as shown below.

prizes = [
    ["minecraft:apple", 1]

More examples can be found in the docs for each type of component as well as in the default config. Additional questions can be asked in the #cratecrate channel in our Discord Server.

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