A utility Discord <-> Minecraft chat relay plugin



Eufranio released this version on Jul 19, 2017

12.1 MB
  • Added MCClans chat filter (ally and clan chat shouldn’t be sent to discord anymore)
  • Added a little debug to help finding config issues
  • Added a configurable option to set the URL that the webhooks should retrieve the skins from
  • Added a null check to JDA (idk even if it is needed, but it was causing some weird behaviours)
  • Added Discord -> MC message replacer: you can replace things that you don’t want to see in-game in the messages. By default, replaces emojis
  • Added bot game status message, it will set the bot “playing” status if defined
  • Added %toprole% placeholder that will be converted in the highest role name of the Discord user
  • Added Boop support (note: you NEED latest Boop! Update it if you haven’t already: Boop)
  • Configurable format for the player name in the !online command
  • Add server-to-discord-staff-format config option, so you can format the Nucleus staff chat messages differently
  • Fix formatting codes being included in the prefix placeholder
  • Fix message content getting all the message body/head
  • Fix typo in the player list command
  • Fix debug key not being printed correctly
  • Relocate org.json so it won’t crash anymore if another plugin loads a newer/older version of it