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MagiBridge is a new Sponge plugin that allows chat coming from Discord be sent to Minecraft or vice versa, trough supported chat plugins. The main goal of MagiBridge is it’s integration with other plugins: I plan in making it compatible with the most popular chat plugins for Sponge actually.


  • Link Nucleus/UltimateChat channels to discord channels (sends messages from the in-game chat to discord and vice versa)
  • Link as many UltimateChat channels you want
  • Sends server start/stop messages to Discord
  • Respects Nucleus’ staff channel (forward chat from it only to the discord staff channel and vice versa)
  • Run console commands from Discord (by default, !cmd ), if you have the defined Discord role
  • Sends join/quit messages to Discord
  • Includes a player count command (by default, !online). It will show you a nice list of players online
  • Per-channel message format override: you can set different message templates for every channel you want
  • Adds the /mb that sends a raw message to a specific channel using the bot. Admin only! (the permission is magibridge.admin.broadcast)
  • Respects the channels the bot is listening for the !online and console commands
  • Updates the channel topic with info like the server TPS, online player count, uptime and etc every second
  • Sends achievement get messages to Discord
  • Sends death messages to Discord
  • Supports getting the player’s prefix in messages
  • Supports Webhooks: if enabled, instead a bot sending the messages, webhooks will. They will have the player’s skin and name. Try it out!

Note: almost all messages and/or commands are completely translatable/modifiables. You can change them by modifying the message string of the message in the config!

Note: You need UltimateChat or Nucleus as dependency for this plugin work, they are the only hooks available at the moment.

There are a few things that you need to do in order to start using MagiBridge. First, you will need a bot token, which you get by creating a bot (if you don’t have one yet), take a look at this quick tutorial:

Once you got your bot token, open the MagiBridge config (located in your plugin or config dir/magibridge/magibridge.conf. It will look like this:

You can see the latest config here:


If you consider donating for me, It’d be much appreciated! You can do it via Paypal, my adress is Thanks!

The config is pretty self-explanatory: paste the bot token in it’s field, and fill the info that you will use: You don’t need to fill the UltimateChat fields when not using UltimateChat, or vice versa.

If you have any problems using my plugin, or have any suggestion, please open a issue here and I will try to fix asap.

Downloads: You can download the plugin via the Github Releases page or the Ore downloads tab. Source code: Github

I know I’m not a good coder at all, and that’s my first plugin: it won’t look like those complex and well-coded plugins around, but I will try to keep the code clean and readable ^-^

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Published on Jul 09, 2017


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