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MagiBridge, by Eufranio

MagiBridge is a Sponge plugin that creates a Discord <-> Minecraft chat bridge, forwarding messages from/to both sides, through JDA and supported chat plugins.


  • Link Nucleus/UltimateChat channels to discord channels (sends messages from the in-game chat to discord and vice versa)
  • Link as many UltimateChat channels you want
  • Sends server start/stop messages to Discord
  • Respects Nucleus’ staff channel (forward chat from it only to the discord staff channel and vice versa)
  • Run console commands from Discord (by default, !cmd ), if you have the defined Discord role
  • Sends join/quit messages to Discord
  • Includes a player count command (by default, !online). It will show you a nice list of players online
  • Per-channel message format override: you can set different message templates for every channel you want
  • Adds the /mb that sends a raw message to a specific channel using the bot. Admin only! (the permission is magibridge.admin.broadcast)
  • Respects the channels the bot is listening for the !online and console commands
  • Updates the channel topic with info like the server TPS, online player count, uptime and etc every second
  • Sends achievement get messages to Discord
  • Sends death messages to Discord
  • Supports getting the player’s prefix in messages
  • Supports Webhooks: if enabled, instead a bot sending the messages, webhooks will. They will have the player’s skin and name. Try it out!
  • AFK messages: send messages on AFK events to Discord!

Note: almost all messages and/or commands are completely translatable/modifiables. You can change them by modifying the message string of the message in the config!


  • magibridge.silentjoin - doesn’t trigger a join message when the player joins the server
  • magibridge.silentquit - doesn’t trigger a quit message when the player leaves the server
  • magibridge.everyone - allow the player to use @everyone on messages sent to Discord
  • magibridge.admin.broadcast - allows the use of the /mb <channel> <message> command to send messages to Discord

Supported plugins:

UltimateChat, from FabioZumbi12, Nucleus, from dualspiral

Planned support:

None, suggest one if you want in the Issues tab =)


You can download MagiBridge from the releases tab.

Issues / Suggestions

You can suggest additions or report issues by creating a ticket in the Issues tab, and I’ll try to fix it asap.

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Published on Jul 9, 2017


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