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Notifies you when you're mentioned in chat.


Boop is a chat plugin that notifies you when you’re mentioned in chat. By default, if you typed “@pie_flavor” in a chat message, and I was on the server, it would make a ‘ping!’ noise and highlight “@pie_flavor” in yellow. If you typed “@staff”, it would ‘ping!’ all ops (or everyone who had the permission boop.group.staff).


prefix: This is the prefix that defines what is meant by ‘mention’. Defaults to “@”.
name{}: If recolor is true, then the instance of the mention (e.g. @pie_flavor) is colored with the color color. If color-all is true, then the instance of the mention is colored with the color alt-color for everyone who is not its target.
message{}: If recolor is true, then the entire message will be colored color.
sound{}: If play is true, then the sound sound will be played.
groups[]: Each string in here represents a group of people that can be mentioned. A person is in a group if they have the permission node boop.group.<group_name>. If the group name contains dots, they are changed in the permission to be underscores.
title{}: If use is true, then text will be shown to the player as a subtitle when they are mentioned.
restricted[]: Anything in this list has restricted usage for mentioning; the permission boop.use.<boop_text> will be required to boop them. For example, you may have a group all, and all users have boop.group.all; if you restrict all, and only give boop.use.all to admins, only admins will be able to boop via @all.
aliases{}: Here, you can supply aliases for players. For example, if I gave myself an alias Owner on my server, players typing @Owner would boop me. This is recommended over groups for single players.
blacklisted-channels[]: A list of class names of channels to not replace with a BoopableChannel. e.g. io.github.nucleuspowered.nucleus.api.chat.NucleusChatChannel$StaffChat


/sponge plugins reload is supported, reloading the entire config.


1.0.0: *uncontrollable dinging*
1.0.1: Changed the location of the config.
1.1.0: Added groups.
1.2.0: Added tab-completion for both players and groups; changed mentions to be case-insensitive.
1.3.0: Added restriction and subtitles.
1.3.1: Fixed bug where every message booped; changed ‘stay’ time of subtitle to 2 seconds.
1.4.0: Added colors for non-targets.
1.4.1: Fixed bug with config.
1.4.2: Fixed bug with colors.
1.4.3: Fixed bug with group permissions.
1.4.4: Fixed a bug with disappearing boops. 1.4.5: Fixed a bug with disappearing messages. 1.5.0: Added aliases and made the channel usable by plugins. 1.6.0: Added channel blacklists.


This plugin uses bStats, which collects data about your server. This data is in no way intrusive, is completely anonymized, and has a negligible impact on server performance, so there is no reason whatsoever to disable it. However, if you wish to anyway, simply set enabled to false in config/bStats/config.conf.

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Published on Jan 01, 2017


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