All in one economy plugin for Minecraft/Sponge

Chest Shops

Buying and Stocking a Chest Shop

By default, the cost of a chest shop is $1000. To buy a chest shop, place down a chest and run the command /shop buy while looking at it.

Once a chest shop has successfully been purchased, it can be stocked with items to sell:

  1. Hold the item you want to sell.
  2. Run the shop stock command while looking at the chest: /shop stock {QUANTITY} {PRICE}.
    • The price set in the shop stock command is the price of a single item.

If the command was successful, a message will be displayed confirming that the item held in hand was stocked.

Removing a Chest Shop

In order to remove a chest shop, it must be completely empty. When it’s empty, the owner of the chest shop can destroy it just like they would a normal block.

Removing Items

Items can be removed from a shop by shift clicking the item. This can only be done by the owner of the shop.

Buying Items

Items can be bought by left clicking the item in the shop. Items are bought one at a time.

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