All in one economy plugin for Minecraft

Total Economy

Total Economy is a plugin that aims to provide a full-fledged economy for your server. Each feature can be enabled/disabled and configured to your liking.


  • Easily integrates with multiple plugins that depend on an economy
  • Easily pay other players (future version)
  • Ability to enable/disable individual features
  • Jobs and the ability to create your own jobs (future version)
  • Shops (future version)
  • Achievements (future version)
  • Web UI for easy management (future version)


If you have any feature ideas or questions, please head over to the Discussion page on GitHub as we’d love to hear them.

If you encounter any issues while using Total Economy, please feel free to create an Issue on GitHub and we’ll take a look.

Category: Economy

Published on Jun 17, 2017




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Licensed under MIT

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